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    Gifting your clients a little something special around the holidays can be a great marketing move. Not only can it instill loyalty and endear them to your brand, but it can also bring your name top of mind — something vital if they have friends, family, or they themselves are considering a real estate move in the near term.

    If you’re like most of us, though, coming up with unique ideas year after year can be difficult — not to mention expensive.

    Are you looking for thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank? Here are the best ones:

    1. Holiday decor.

    Gifting holiday decor comes with two benefits. First, it gets displayed prominently — on the porch, on the tree, or in other places where visitors, friends, and family can view it. And if it has your name or brand on it? That’s free exposure.

    In most cases, it also gets used again — year after year, decade after decade.

    The best options are holiday mats, wreaths, mantel decor, or personalized tree ornaments (Think “Home Sweet Home, Est. 2021 with your name/brokerage in small print).

    2. Locally sourced gift baskets.

    We’re not talking about run-of-the-mill meat-and-cheese baskets here. For this one, you want to gather small, unique items from a variety of locally owned vendors. Flowers from a shop down the street, a bottle of wine from the local vineyard, and a handmade scarf from the boutique downtown — things they could only find in their new hometown.

    When you source the items, make sure you let the business owners know what you’re doing (and maybe ask for their recommendations!) If they know you’re exposing their business to new residents, they’ll be more likely to recommend your services in return. Some may even donate items to the cause.

    3. Painted address numbers.

    Most people are getting a lot of deliveries these days — particularly with the holidays approaching. Help your client’s packages come as planned by gifting them some high-quality painted address numbers on the curb. A yard or garden sign with their house numbers works, too. There are tons of options on Etsy, or a local wood shop or artisan may be able to help as well.

    4. A personalized cutting board.

    Cutting boards get so much use — and often, they’re put on display, too. Consider gifting your clients a personalized wood one to stock their new kitchen. Again, you can use Etsy here, and just add their family name or the year their home was purchased. They’ll appreciate the personal touch and will remember you fondly each time they use the board.

    5. Monogrammed travel mugs.

    A pair of personalized travel mugs can be great, too (coffee-, Thermos-, or Yeti-style will all work!) You can add the client’s monogram, as well as your logo or website. Then, every time they take a sip at the office or while on the go, someone will see your name.

    6. A framed map of their area.

    Most clients won’t stay in their homes forever, so giving your clients a nice memento of the place? That’s something they’ll cherish for many years to come. 

    A great option is a framed, historic map of the city (especially if they’ve lived there a while or celebrated a special milestone in the area). A picture of the house or them in front of it can be a great option, as can sketches or paintings of the home.

    7. A return address stamp.

    Address stamps are a classy and easy way to address letters, bills, holiday cards, and more — and they come in all sorts of designs and styles. Just personalize one with their family name and address, ship it to their home, and await that thank you card.

    8. Throw pillows.

    Everyone could use more throw pillows. Not only can you gift a few in hues that complement their living area, but you can also add in a personalized one as well. These “HOME” pillows are a great option, bringing in the year they bought the home, their initials, and more.

    9. A video doorbell.

    Video doorbells deliver safety and convenience all in one — and they’ll be used for years and years to come. While you can’t necessarily brand them or put your name on them, you can bet the homeowner will remember where they got it (and be happy to recommend you in return).

    10. A meal delivery service.

    Giving a few weeks of dinners (Hello Fresh, Blue Apron) or a box of high-quality meat (Butcher Box, Omaha Steaks) can be a thoughtful gift — especially around the holidays when everyone’s so busy. 

    Get planning

    The holidays are quickly approaching, so start planning now for those end-of-year client gifts. You can also give some of these real estate agent pop-by ideas a whirl or use these affordable gift-wrapping solutions to give them that pulled-together look.

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