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    If you’ve been in the real estate business for any amount of time, you probably already know that pop-bys can be a great marketing tool. That said, they tend to work even better if they are centered around a holiday or a specific time of year.

    With that in mind, below are seven winter pop-by ideas to help you get started thinking about ways to reach out to your clients during the colder months.

    Real Estate Pop By Ideas During COVID

    A note about delivering pop-bys during COVID-19: Conventional wisdom states that when you deliver a pop-by, you’re supposed to use it as a chance to reconnect with your former client.

    Usually, that means knocking on the door and chatting for a while when you drop off your gift. However, in this era of social distancing, catching up face-to-face might not be the best idea.

    It might be better to just drop the gift outside their door and follow up via email or phone later.

    Winter Pop-By Ideas for Real Estate Agents

    1. Baked goods.

    Potential slogan: My clients always get the star TREAT-ment when I help them sell or buy their home. I’m happy to help you do the same.

    If you’re a good baker, it may be worth it to put baking for your clients on your to-do list. In this case, you can really make any type of baked good that you would like, but cookies and pies tend to be crowd favorites.

    Just to be sure to include a list of the ingredients you used on the tag so that your clients don’t have to worry about an allergy risk.

    2. Stovetop simmering spices.

    Potential slogan: Don’t get stuck SIMMERING when it comes to finding the right home. I’ll help you find your perfect match.

    Simmering spices are one of the best winter pop-by ideas for around the holidays or just cold winter days. If you want to keep things affordable, you don’t have to buy this pre-made.

    You can make your own simmering spice kit by putting an orange, a few cinnamon sticks, and some cloves in a bag. Then, provide instructions to peel and halve the orange before putting it in a pot with the spices and covering everything with water.

    3. Ice scraper. (Probably the most useful of these winter realtor pop-by ideas.)

    Potential slogan: I won’t leave your referrals out in the COLD. I’m happy to help your friends and family buy or sell a home.

    For those of you who live in a winter climate where you get snow, an ice scraper is a thoughtful and practical gift. After all, everyone needs one to keep in their car for emergencies.

    4. Hot cocoa mix.

    Potential slogan: The real estate market is HOT right now. Call me if you need help making a move.

    Again, if your goal with your winter pop-by ideas is to be as thrifty as possible, you can make your own hot chocolate kit. Simply put a hot chocolate mix packet in a bag with a few marshmallows and a peppermint stick. Tie everything together with a bow and you’re good to go.

    5. Winter-scented hand soap. (One of the best winter pop-by ideas during COVID.)

    Potential slogan: I’m always happy to LEND a HAND with your real estate needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

    In the age of COVID-19, you can never go wrong with hand soap. If you’re nervous about giving a food-based gift because of the allergy risk, this could be a solid, neutral option that will go over well with a diverse array of clients.

    6. Fancy popcorn assortment.

    Potential slogan: Referrals are POPPING UP all over town. Get in touch to see if I can help with your real estate needs.

    Who wouldn’t love getting one of those big tins of fancy, flavored popcorn? While this pop-by does come at more of a cost than some of the other options on the list, it’s bound to be a crowd-pleaser.

    7. Hand warmers.

    Potential slogan: The real estate market is WARMING UP! Call me to see how much your home is worth.

    Again, if you live in a colder climate, this is one of those winter pop-by ideas that’s bound to get used. Odds are it will come in handy when your client least expects it.

    When it does, they will be sure to think of you and the services you offer.

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