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    Email marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to convert new clients, or nurture past clients and referral partners. Creating and distributing an effective email campaign involves database management, content creation, graphic design, and setting parameters for distribution — work that most real estate agents don’t have the time or expertise to execute properly.

    That’s where automation comes in. When done correctly, email automated drip campaigns offer a host of benefits in addition to cultivating new business.

    Email drip campaign automation can let you:

    1. Streamline the process. By delivering the right content to the right people at the right time, email automation software makes your marketing efforts far less labor intensive.
    2. Be more creative. An automated email campaign gives you a larger palette to work with and the ability to provide a more nuanced and customized message. From subject lines to calls to action, you can build a cadence or inflection point to capture and convert new and existing clients.
    3. Create highly segmented email lists. Lists are updated automatically based on data provided by clients which means you spend less time on database updates.
    4. Customize and brand build. Automated email campaigns can be tailored and delivered to meet the specific needs of prospects by providing relevant and timely content, all while building greater brand recognition at the same time.
    5. Improve efficiency. Automation eliminates much of the repetitive work associated with customer relationship management
    6. Simplify your market testing. Market test multiple approaches to find the messaging and content that matter most to your clients and proves most effective in converting prospects.
    7. Convert potential clients. Automation makes the process of conversion faster and easier.
    8. Turn loyal clients into referrals. Loyal clients — that is, clients who have genuinely had a positive experience working with you — are your best advocates. Offering meaningful incentives to a loyal client will result in qualified leads. Keeping them well-informed, and up-to-date makes them your most reliable referral resource.
    9. Choose features and functionality. Email automation software is available with a wide range of features and functionality. From a free tier with the opportunity to upgrade, to a full featured enterprise application, there is email automation software available at a price you can afford. This multi-tiered approach makes it easy to get started and upgrade once you have the hang of it.

    The Bottom Line

    Automation delivers realtime, personalized content at an affordable price. So, don’t let fear stop you from automating your email campaigns. Automation will free you up to focus on developing more creative content, refining your message, and reinforcing brand recognition. Get ready to be amazed by the power and efficiency email automation can bring, and the clients that will follow.

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