8 Fall Home Improvement Projects

8 Fall Home Improvement Projects

Fall is finally here. The weather’s cooling off, and it’s the perfect time to get some home improvement projects done around the house.

That might mean making some repairs you’ve been putting off (when it was much too hot out) or just tending to general maintenance tasks to keep your home in top condition. Either way, now’s the time to do it.

Are you ready to spend a little time on the house this fall? Here are eight home improvement projects you might want to consider:

1. Powerwash the exterior.

Spring and summer can be rough on your home’s exterior. There’s likely pollen build-up, dirt, dust, lawn clippings, and more, and all of it can leave your house looking less stunning than ever.

Fortunately, a quick power-washing can do wonders. You’ll want to pay particular attention to any brick areas, as well as your porch, driveway, and sidewalk. If you have siding on your house — especially vinyl siding — make sure you use a gentle pressure washer. Putting too much force on your siding could cause it to crack or break.

2. Touch up the paint.

Years of wind, storms, and rain exposure can seriously deteriorate your home’s paint job. There may be chips, cracks, fading, and more — and your shutters and other elements can look rough as well.

Take some time to freshen up any areas where exterior paint has suffered. You can even use it as a chance to change hues and give your home a whole new look. Once you’re done, consider some touch-ups inside, too. You’d be surprised at what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make.

3. Add some new mulch to the gardens. 

You don’t have to plant a million flowers or shrubs to give your garden a makeover. In fact, sometimes just a new layer of fresh, dark mulch can be all you need. You can also take a few minutes to pull up any weeds and edge the garden. 

If you have the budget, adding some pavers or bricks to outline the garden can give it some pop, too. Try to choose a color that complements your home’s exterior. 

4. Restain your deck.

Wood decks fade pretty quickly. With all that exposure to the elements (not to mention wildlife), they can end up looking faded, dull, and dirty just months after you install them. 

Fortunately, a new coat of stain — or even paint, if you want a whole new look — can help immensely. Make sure you power wash the wood first, though. Your stain won’t stick if there’s dirt and grime all over.

5. Update your front door (and porch).

If you really want some really impactful home improvement projects, focus on your front entryway. You can repaint the front door (or install an entirely new one), add new hardware, put up address numbers or even install a porch swing for extra curb appeal

Don’t forget: The porch is also a great spot to ring in the season. Add some pumpkins, a fall-colored wreath, or some spooky skeletons and spider webs — whatever fits your style best.

6. Check your weather stripping.

Before it gets too cold, make sure there are no gaps around your windows and doors that could let air in. These won’t just make it harder to heat your home, but they’ll also run up your electric bills, too — and no homeowner wants that.

While you’re at it, consider installing a smart thermostat that can help you manage your home’s temperature better as you head into the colder months. Studies show they can save you lots on energy (Nest says it saves you about 10% to 12% on heating costs!)

7. Winterize your sprinkler system.

If you have a built-in sprinkler system, it’s important to winterize it before the weather turns cold. If you don’t, water could freeze in the pipes, causing them to burst (and costing you a ton of cash).

The process isn’t too difficult either. You’ll need to turn off the unit, drain the water from the pipes, and then insulate any components that are above ground and exposed to the elements. If you need help, a local irrigation specialist should be able to come do it for a minimal fee.

8. Clean your gutters. 

Your gutters should be spic and span as winter approaches — especially if you’re in an area prone to snow. If your gutters are full of leaves, sticks, and other debris, it could cause snowmelt to back up onto your roof, which could lead to leaks and other major issues. 

If you’ve got a particularly tall house, you may want to call in a pro for your gutters, as climbing on the roof could be hazardous. 

Need money for those home improvement projects?

If you’ve been putting off home maintenance tasks until the weather cooled off, now’s the time to hop on them. Need cash to cover those home improvement projects or repairs? A cash-out refinance may be able to help. Get in touch with an Embrace Home Loans office in your area to learn about your options.

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