7 Instagram Accounts Real Estate Agents Should Follow

7 Instagram Accounts Real Estate Agents Should Follow

Instagram can be a great marketing tool for real estate agents. But it can also help you grow your skills and knowledge base, too — as long as you follow the right people.

Do you want to improve your Instagram feed and start learning while you scroll? Then hit follow on these seven accounts.

1. Ryan Serhant – @ryanserhant

Ryan Serhant Instagram

Ryan Serhant, a long-time agent and star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing is a great follow. He regularly posts videos in which he talks about the market, current events, and more. He even answers follower questions, too. 

2. WSJ Real Estate – @wsjrealestate

WSJ Real Estate Instagram

The Wall Street Journal’s real estate section has an Instagram, and it’s a great place to stay in the know about the latest industry happenings. There’s also a good dose of luxury real estate content there, as well as design inspo and other related topics.

3. Chelsea Peitz – @chelsea.peitz

Chelsea Peitz Instagram

Chelsea is a real estate coach who shares helpful strategies, tips, and tricks for using Insta to your business’ advantage. And if her 37,000 followers are any proof, she certainly knows what she’s doing. 

4. Gogo Bethke – @gogosrealestate

Gogo Bethke Instagram

Gogo’s another great follow if you want to improve your marketing efforts. She covers the whole range of social media platforms, and she even has podcasts you can listen to on the go.

5. Tom Ferry – @tomferry

Tom Ferry Instagram

Tom Ferry’s one of the most well-known real estate coaches out there. Over 190,000 follow his Instagram for expert tips and guidance, as well as just plain old inspiration. If you like what you see, you can even take one of Tom’s classes or sign up for personal coaching.

6. Kevin Ward – @kevinwardnow

Kevin Ward Instagram

Kevin’s account is a true treasure trove. He covers everything from FSBOs and prospecting to sounding more confident on the phone. He even shares his workouts if you’re looking to get healthier.

7. Inman News – @inmannews

Inman Real Estate News Instagram

If you want the latest real estate headlines and agent-focused news, there’s no better place to look than Inman’s account. They typically post several times a day, so no matter when you log in, you’re sure to get an update.

Get local

These are all more nationally focused accounts, so make sure to find a few local ones to follow, too. You might want to follow major brokerages or agents in your area, as well as local news publications for the latest headlines. Your area’s REALTOR® association would be a good follow as well.

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