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    Instagram can be a great marketing tool for real estate agents. But it can also help you grow your skills and knowledge base, too — as long as you follow the right people.

    Do you want to improve your Instagram feed and start learning while you scroll? Then hit follow on these seven accounts which we’ve revised for 2023.

    1. BGW Home Team – @marriedrealtors_florida

    With over 220K followers BGW Home Team is making the best use of Instagram’s visual format to bring more transparency to the real estate industry. The founders, Terrance and Demeeka Cobb use their platform to help build trust and show their commitment to helping their clients find the perfect home in their market. A great page to study if you’re on Instagram as well.

    2. Real Estate – @realestate

    This useful page serves as a central hub for real estate-related content, which includes tips and tricks for buying or selling real estate, as well as helpful advice for anyone looking to get into the world of real estate investment. A great page to ideate.

    The Wall Street Journal’s real estate section has an Instagram, and it’s a great place to stay in the know about the latest industry happenings. There’s also a good dose of luxury real estate content there, as well as design inspo and other related topics.

    3. Dennis Chernov & Yana Chernov

    Dennis & Yana Chernov have made a massive impact in the California real estate market. Their social media has delighted and informed their community about the best real estate in the state. Each average over 1,000 likes per post. Definitely worth checking out if you are selling high-end properties.

    4. The Mathis Twins – @mathistwins

    Growing up in a home where their single mother faced foreclosure as she worked 22 hour days to provide for them, the twins were inspired to create something greater for their future families. Today, Jeremy and Joshua have flipped over $35 Million worth of real estate, building a 7-Figure rental portfolio, and educating others about the ups and downs of investing. Inspiring and a must follow if you’re looking to upgrade your mindset.

    5. Tom Ferry – @tomferry

    Tom Ferry Instagram

    Tom Ferry’s one of the most well-known real estate coaches out there. Over 190,000 follow his Instagram for expert tips and guidance, as well as just plain old inspiration. If you like what you see, you can even take one of Tom’s classes or sign up for personal coaching.

    6. Kevin Ward – @kevinwardnow

    Kevin Ward Instagram

    Kevin’s account is a true treasure trove. He covers everything from FSBOs and prospecting to sounding more confident on the phone. He even shares his workouts if you’re looking to get healthier.

    7. Matt Risinger – @risingerbuild

    Through his highly popular YouTube channel, The Build Show, builder and remodeler Matt Risinger explores the art behind building science, quality craftsmanship and which tech to consider for construction projects. This recognized expert and thought leader also serves as the CEO and chief builder of Austin, Texas’ Risinger Build. While not a real estate agent, Matt’s Instagram page is well worth a follow.

    Get local

    Some of these are more nationally focused accounts, so make sure to find a few local ones to follow in your area, too. You might want to follow major brokerages or agents in your area, as well as local news publications for the latest headlines. Your area’s REALTOR® association would be a good follow as well.

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