5 Tips to Help Spruce Up Your Work From Home Office Space

5 Tips to Help Spruce Up Your Work from Home Space

By now, most of us have been working from home for months and, in many cases, our workspaces are far from ideal. With that in mind, we’ve brought you a few tips to help you spruce up your work from home space. Look them over to get an idea of which ones make the most sense for you to try out.

How to give your home office space a much-needed makeover

1. Create a space that’s just for work.

If a separate room is not an option, try to choose a quiet corner or even convert an extra closet to an office set up so that you have a permanent home for your work-related items. The goal is to create separation between your work and your home life so that not everything is blending together at all times.

Make sure the space is one that doesn’t get taken over by loads of laundry, puzzles, etc. Consider partitioning your space off with room divider screens, bookshelves, or tall plants.” — Marty Basher, Designer with Modular Closets

We say:

You can also try to think about re-purposing an existing space. For example, consider turning an unused dining space or a guest bedroom into a makeshift office space for the time being.

2. Make time for decluttering your work from home office space.

“An organized workspace is calm and orderly which makes room for clarity and creativity in your work. A messy desktop or disorganized home office can lead to sensory overload with negative consequences like procrastination, decreased focus and productivity, and low morale.

Create a place for everything and make it a habit to put everything back in its place at the end of each workday. This sets you up for success the next day and helps you change gears from work to home life.” — Pattie Kelly, Certified Interior Decorator of Inspired Home Interiors

We say:

If you find yourself being prone to clutter, try following the “20-second rule.” This rule states that if you can put something away in thirty seconds or less, do it immediately. This will help cut down on the amount of clutter that builds up throughout the day.

3. Check your lighting.

“Make sure you have great lighting. Sitting in front of a computer screen for eight hours a day with only the screen for lighting will damage your eyes.

Get an LED task lamp and/or change out the light bulbs in your recessed cans as well as your light fixtures overhead with LEDs. You won’t have to change them again and they are as close to natural light and come in a range of cool and warm tones.” — Leslie Markman-Stern, ASID, Founder of Leslie M. Stern Design, LTD

We say:

In addition to LEDs, you can also try layering lighting. In interior design, there are three different types of lighting to consider for your space.

First, there’s ambient lighting, which is often the overhead lighting that comes with the room. Then, there’s task lighting, which is meant to help you do a specific function. Finally, there’s ambient lighting, which can be used to highlight a specific feature of the room.

Ideally, you will use one or more of these light sources in your design.

4. Incorporate more greenery into your work from home office space.

“During this era of modern design, adding some plants into your home office can definitely give your space a more natural and appealing look. Choosing plants to add to your decor is also a great way to express your individuality, as plants come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

However, the benefits of having plants in your home office even go beyond aesthetics, as plants are known to reduce stress and anxiety.” Willie Greer, Founder of the Product Analyst

We say:

If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. These days, artificial plants are all the rage. They can give you the look and feel of having greenery in your office space without the added responsibility of having to worry about keeping them in good shape.

5. Don’t forget home office decor.

“Don’t be afraid to add things that showcase your personality. This can make your WFH office feel more welcoming and inviting. Hang wall art or photos behind your desk. Find cute knick-knacks and put them on shelves to add a few hints of color. To give yourself a boost when you need it, add a few motivational notepads or prints.Jen Stark, Founder of Happy DIY Home

We say:

Remember, decor is meant to help you bring your sense of personal style into your work from home space. If you think you might be working from home for the long haul, it may be worth splurging on a few key decor pieces to liven up your work environment.

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