4 Summer Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

4 Summer Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Brainstorming summer real estate marketing ideas can be hard. The kids are out of school, everyone’s on vacation, and there’s just a lot going on.

Fortunately, there are some great timely opportunities you can take advantage of — summer-only happenings that are the perfect way to get your name out there and start raising some visibility for your real estate business.

Do you need help with real estate marketing for your business this summer? Here are some seasonal options you might want to consider when tailoring your marketing strategy.

Summer marketing ideas for real estate agents

1. Sponsor a summer sports team.

There are tons of community sports that are still up and at em’ in the summertime. From baseball and soccer to gymnastics and swim teams, there are tons of options. Just contact the league directors, take out an ad at the field, arena, or other facility they play at, or consider getting your name on a jersey or other team item instead. There are tons of ways to get noticed in your real estate market and put your name on display for parents and adoring fans who could easily become prospective clients.

2. Get in at the community pool.

The pool is the place to be in the summer, so one of the best summer marketing ideas is to get your name out at local pools and swimming holes whenever possible. That might mean hanging a sign at the neighborhood pool to advertise an open house, sponsoring a community pool party, or even hiring an ice cream truck to come hand out cones to the local kiddos. (Just make sure you’re there to take credit and find a new potential client when they do!)

3. Advertise at the local water park or beach. 

Water parks and beaches are another hot summer spot. Are there billboards you can rent at the local beach? Could you sponsor a snow cone or umbrella rental stand? Is there a sand-castle building contest you could emcee or sponsor? These are all great places to find a new potential buyer or even reconnect with past clients. You can also just call up the park or beach managers and ask about advertising opportunities and tell them about your summer marketing ideas. Chances are, they have a whole list you can pull from.

4. Participate in back-to-school fairs and other events.

Summer may have just started, but school isn’t that far away. Get your name out there with local events by participating in back-to-school fairs, signing up to sponsor school events and teams, or just bringing meals to teachers for staff training days. Get in touch with the school administrative office for other ideas for opportunities (don’t forget charter schools and daycares in your area, too!)

Do you need any more ideas for growing your business or client list this summer? Check out Embrace Home Loans’ real estate agent resources now. If you’d like to put more of a personal touch on your summer marketing, check out our best summer pop by ideas for REALTORS®

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