3 Winter Lead Generation Ideas

3 Winter Lead Generation Ideas

We’re almost 2023, and by most accounts, it’s going to be an interesting year for housing. 

Want to make sure you have a long stream of leads to keep you busy and lucrative? Then putting some effort into lead generation is key.

Fortunately, this season lends itself to some very effective lead generation strategies. Here are just three you might want to employ as we head into the new year.

Create a downloadable guide or forecast.

Offering a valuable download on your website is a great way to get email addresses and contact info for people who might be interested in buying or selling a home soon.

During this time of year, a market forecast can be a great option. You can include recent data from your local market, add some expert projections for home prices, sales, demand, and other details, and give prospective clients an idea of what they might expect from the new year. 

If that’s too heavy a lift, a winter home care guide can be a great way to reach possible move-up buyers. Include maintenance tasks homeowners should be tending to, as well as annual checkups they might want to think about around the house. 

Mail out cards with referral incentives.

Sending out holiday cards to old clients is pretty common in terms of lead generation, but if you really want those cards to turn into commissions, offer some sort of referral incentive in them. Maybe they get a $100 gift card for each new client who mentions them, or you can even put those who refer you into a raffle for concert tickets, cleaning services, HVAC tune-ups, or other valuable services they might need around the house. 

Just make sure you include some business cards or something else they can hand out to potential referrals. You want to make referring you as easy as possible — particularly during this busy time of year.

Run a contest, raffle, or giveaway.

Contests are a great way to drum up leads, too. You can run a holiday light competition and post an award sign (with your branding on it) in every winner’s yard, or do a giveaway with free tickets to a local holiday concert or production. 

To ensure you get every entrant’s contact info (for future lead nurturing purposes), set up a Google Form. You can ask for things like name, contact info, and address, of course, but also include questions like, “Do you have plans to buy or sell a home in the next year?” and “Have you used a real estate agent before?” This can help you qualify potential leads and focus on the most viable ones.

Need more lead generation ideas?

Check out our real estate agent resources. Want to grow your network of referrals in the new year? Reach out to an Embrace Home LoansTM office in your area today.

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