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    The weather’s heating up, and for those lucky homeowners with a pool, it means endless days spent lounging in the water, splishing, splashing, and keeping cool.

    But for those of us sans swimming pool, we have to get a bit more creative.

    Need help staying cool as the summer sun heats up? Here are 15 ways to do it.

    Have fun staying cool — without a pool

    1. Head to a local splash pad or fountain.

    Many local parks, playgrounds, and even shopping districts have splash pads installed these days. Just put the kids in their swimsuits, hop in the car, and head on over for a spell. Don’t forget the towels!

    2. Run in the sprinklers.

    Sprinklers are a great, low-cost way to cool off when it’s hot out. They’re also pretty fun to play in, too. If you have kids, you can even look for creative models, like this one shaped like a dinosaur.

    3. Turn your truck bed into a pool.

    If you (or a neighbor) own a pickup truck, you can easily turn its bed into your very own portable pool. You just need a tarp, some water, and a little time, The best part? You can park it in the shade of your garage and keep even cooler.

    4. Buy a few water guns.

    Turn cooling off into a game with some water guns. Get ones for each family member, and create a fill-up station with some buckets. Then, go to town. See who can stay the driest.

    5. Turn up the fans.

    Get the air moving by turning on all your ceiling fans, and setting up a box fan or oscillating fan on the patio. If you plan to be outside often, you might even consider mounting a few fans on your patio ceiling or columns. 

    6. Get a mister.

    You could also think about installing misters on your patio to keep things cool. If you’re not up for such a big change, a misting fan or small, handheld mister can be great options, too. Just keep them on your patio table for easy use.

    7. Try a cooling towel.

    Cooling towels are often used by athletes who need to cool down after a big event, but they’re great for the average Joe, too. Some even hold water, which can help you keep even cooler. 

    8. Throw water balloons.

    This is another way to have fun and keep your cool, too. Invite the neighbors over and fill up buckets of water balloons. Divide into teams, give each team their own bucket, and get to work. You could even have the kids create makeshift catapults and launchers to take it up a notch.

    9. Eat popsicles.

    Popsicles, ice cream, and all those other sweet treats are great ways to cool down on a hot summer’s day. You might even try your hand at making some yourself. Just buy a popsicle mold, pour in your favorite fruit juices, and freeze. You’ll have a cold and tasty snack in no time.

    10. Set up a slip n’ slide.

    Who doesn’t love a good run down the slip n’ slide? Nowadays, there are models with sprinklers, small pools, and all kinds of cool features attached. Some even have two lanes, so you can race each other down.

    If you don’t want to buy yet another toy, you can also create your own with plastic tarps. Just make sure you have something to secure it to the ground with, otherwise it won’t stay put for long.

    11. Find a local pool to go to.

    If your neighborhood doesn’t have a shared pool, one nearby might. Often, you can pay a small fee (usually $5 or less) and spend the day there. You might also find a pool at your local YMCA or city recreation center. 

    12. Rent a pool.

    Don’t want to hit up a community swimming pool or share one at the YMCA? Consider renting your own private pool instead. With Swimply, you can actually rent a local pool by the hour, just for you and your guests. 

    13. Take a dip in the local lake.

    No pools nearby to share or rent? Try a lake, river, or pond instead. Some areas might even have paddle boats or canoes you can rent for a little extra fun. Just remember your life vests, as it can be harder to gauge depth on these bodies of water.

    14. Munch on frozen fruit.

    Frozen fruit is another tasty way to cool down. My favorites are frozen grapes, blueberries, and bananas, but almost any fruit will work. You could even pour them into a blender and make an ice-cold smoothie.

    15. Head to the beach.

    Finally, if you’re near one, drive on over to the beach. There’s nothing a dip in the ocean and a little sandcastle building can’t cure!

    Building a pool?

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