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    Are you looking to up your sales game and get those listings noticed? Here are 10 sales tips that can help

    1. Don’t skimp on the imagery. Today’s buyers don’t just expect great listing photos. They want 3D tours, videos, interactive floor plans, and the whole nine yards. It might seem like a hefty price to pay, but remember, it’s an investment. You can also cut corners by using tools like Matterport and RoomSketcher.
    2. Consider keeping some staging inventory on hand. Invest in one staging piece per quarter — maybe a lamp one time, a piece of artwork the next, and a throw rug the quarter after that. Over time, you’ll build up a solid inventory of staging items you can use to spice up a home before listing it.
    3. Remember the power of the blank slate. There are endless possibilities with a blank canvas, so if your client can’t afford to stage the home (or doesn’t have the quality furniture to do it themselves), at least have them clear out as much of their personal property as possible. You want potential buyers to envision themselves in the home — not get to know the seller.
    4. Empower your seller. This is one of the most important sales tips out there, because if your seller’s not eager to see the home sold at top dollar, it’s just not going to happen. They need to feel empowered — like the little inconveniences of keeping the home tidy, clearing out for showings, etc. are worth something in the long run. Get to know them, give them the tools they need to succeed, and show them that they have the power to make their sale happen — or not.
    5. Leverage the right support team. If you’re worried about your seller keeping their lawn neat or their home tidy, bring in reinforcements. Call in a cleaning service or landscaping company to help out (consider splitting the cost with the seller or doing some sort of trade.) If you’re short on time and can’t handle all the phone calls, questions, or showing requests for a property, bring in a virtual assistant or set up a showing service. In today’s high-tech industry, there are simple, easy ways to solve virtually every problem you can imagine.
    6. Have your disclosures ready. Offering your seller’s disclosures up front might seem like a scary thought, but it really helps improve the quality of your offers in the long run. With no unanswered questions lingering, you might get fewer bids, but they’re going to be the best possible ones around — people who know the home’s flaws and are willing to move forward anyway.
    7. Focus on the front. As they say, first impressions are everything. Even if you don’t have the gear or cash to fully stage a property, put some time and effort into sprucing up the front of the home — the yard, the front porch, and the entryway. Hang a wreath, add a simple rug, or just put a new coat of paint on the door. Buyers should feel welcomed and at home from their first step on the property.
    8. Price it right from the get-go. It sure is nice to imagine those hefty commission checks, but if it’s going to take 2 years and tons of price cuts to get there, it’s probably not worth it. A right-sized listing price ensures you attract properly qualified buyers and that the transaction proceeds without a hitch. That means a faster sale and quicker commissions on the whole.
    9. Educate your clients. Make sure you set expectations with your sellers. They should know that flexibility is key in showings. Many buyers want to see homes after work and on weekends, and as inconvenient as it may be, it will help the home sell faster. Sellers should also have clear-cut expectations as to what their home will likely sell for. Be sure to talk to them about how potential negotiations, repairs and concessions might work as well. This will make for an easier and more lucrative sale.
    10. Be available. Don’t be on your phone 24-7, but have a system in place for responding to buyer’s agents or buyers themselves. In today’s hot market, time is of the essence. Buyers want to see a property, learn more about it, put in an offer and get feedback ASAP — before they get outbid by their competitors.

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