4 Ways to Celebrate National Homeownership Month

Ways to Celebrate National Homeownership Month

It’s officially National Homeownership Month — a time to celebrate the American Dream and help others on their journeys to pursue it.

At Embrace, these goals are important year-round, but in June, they truly come front and center. 

Want to help ring in the month with us?

Whether you already own a home, you’re working toward it, or you just want to help others in need, there are plenty of ways to join in the efforts.

Here are four ways to celebrate National Homeownership Month: 

1. Give your home a little extra TLC.

If you’re a homeowner, use National Homeownership Month to put some extra care into your home.

Power wash the exterior and driveway, clean the gutters, or give the inside a fresh coat of paint.

It’s also a good time to declutter and schedule general checkups on your HVAC and other major systems.

2. Throw a block party with your neighbors.

A huge perk of homeownership is the camaraderie that comes with it, so take this month to celebrate your neighbors.

Throw a block party complete with food, games, and contests, or team up with neighbors for a community service project or fun run.

You can donate the proceeds to a local housing agency or shelter.

3. Volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity build.

Habitat for Humanity helps build homes for families in need, and they’re always looking for additional volunteers.

That might mean helping at the actual build site, doing repairs and upkeep on existing Habitat houses, or volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore if there’s one nearby.

ReStores offer discounted materials, supplies, and home goods and can help support low-cost homebuilding efforts in your region

4. Give to organizations helping address housing issues.

If you’re short on time, donating funds during National Homeownership Month can help too. You can donate to housing organizations like Habitat for Humanity, the National Low Income Housing Coalition, Mercy Housing, 995 Hope, or NeighborWorks America. Even just a small donation can make a difference.

Need help on your journey to homeownership?

If you’re hoping to become a homeowner, consider using National Homeownership Month to learn about the process and to set the foundation for your future purchase.

Start with Embrace’s Homebuying 101 and Homebuying Guide, and work on building up your credit. A good credit score will make it not only easier to qualify for a mortgage loan — but more affordable too.

Finally, get in touch with an Embrace Home Loans team member in your area. They can run the numbers, help you understand the costs, and give you recommendations based on your personal situation and goals.

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