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    A short year ago, selling a home was about as fast and easy as thinking about listing it. Soon you’d have all-cash buyers beating on your door, no inspections, nada.

    Those days seem to be all but over and the market looks to be in somewhat of a retracement. In other words, the housing market looks to be shaking the excesses to move back to a normal market.

    Learn These Quick Selling Secrets of the Mega Corporations

    Now, with winter on the doorstep, the foot traffic of buyers often thins out. If you are looking to sell as quickly as possible here are some tips and tricks you can take from corporate relocation home buyer programs.

    In such cases, the relocation company purchases the home directly from the relocating employee on behalf of their corporate clients. This is not a traditional title transfer sale, but a cash offer so the employee can move quickly.  

    The large corporations do not want the relocation company to hold the property for very long due to holding costs. The goal is to sell these homes and close in 30-90 days to avoid accumulating costs such as loan servicing, property taxes, and HOA fees.

    Here’s how you can copy their formula for success.

    Work with a Licensed Real Estate Agent Who Agrees to Your Time Frame

    Industry experts recommend you interview at least three agents before signing a contract. Taking this advice will give you a feel for what you can expect in terms of marketing your home from different agents.

    Having a local expert can be a huge advantage for sellers. Local agents will be aware of any upcoming developments in the area, plus plans for stores or other amenities that might affect the value of your property, how quickly it will sell, and the price you’re likely to get. They’ll also know what local buyers are looking for in real estate.

    Get 3 Recent Comps and Price Accordingly       

    In real estate, the term “comps” is short for comparables. It refers to recently sold homes that are like your house. To be a comp, the house must have similar characteristics, such as size, school district, and amenities.

    You’ll want to be sure they are the most recent sales in your area, no cherry picking.

    Establish Curb Appeal

    If your home’s curb appeal makes a great first impression, everyone (including potential homebuyers) will want to see what’s inside.

    Curb appeal goes beyond what friends have to say about the new plants in the front of the house. A few quick, inexpensive changes to your home’s exterior could help make selling your home easier and faster. You might even add more value to the asking price.

    One good idea is to scope out the comparable listings in your area and see how you can match, or one up them.

    Neutralize the Interior

    You may love the paisley wallpaper in your dining room, or the trendy carpet in the hallways, but buyers may not love it as much as you do. When possible, go with neutral colors like shades of white, beige, taupe, and grays. Neutral colors are often appealing to potential buyers because many want the creative freedom to add their personal touches when looking for a new place to call home.

    Keep the Home Organized and Clutter Free

    Again, the same psychology is in play here. Keep your buyers focused on your home. If you have collectible knickknacks, pack them for moving and put them in storage. You’ll want to minimize everything except the best features of the home itself.

    Allow Potential Buyers to Get Pre-Qualified on the Spot

    Imagine a young couple talking about putting the bed here, and the kids room there, etc. That kind of chatter shows interest. Why not strike while the iron is hot?

    Other than having a loan agent on site, how in the world could the average seller do this? Embrace Home Loans® has the answer – eSNAPP.

    Our eSNAPP mobile app is revolutionizing the way borrowers get home loans. Motivated buyers can potentially find out what they afford right there on spot. Who knows you may even get an offer before they walk out the door!

    Your mortgage options for a smooth journey home.

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