The 11 Best Podcasts for Real Estate Agents

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Looking for a way to improve your skill set, expand your industry knowledge, or just stay better abreast of market news and headlines?

Then head to that podcast app on your phone.

Surprisingly, there are dozens of real estate-related podcasts that can help agents stay up-to-date on news, trends, and more, as well as just gets tips from other fellow real estate pros.

Best of all? You can get it all on the go. Just listen on your run, use Bluetooth to pipe one in on your commute to the office, or blast it on your speakers during your morning shower.

When you do, make sure these 11 real estate-related podcasts are on your radar:

1. Next Level Agents

next level podcast

Kevin & Fred’s Next Level Agents podcast offers honest advice and hard-earned lessons from one real estate pro to another. Hosts Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver bring decades of agent experience to the show, along with interviews with the agents, executives, CEOs, and influencers from across the real estate industry. Topics covered include standing out, doubling your business, and marketing your services.

2. Tech Nest

tech nest

Tech Nest, hosted by real estate marketer Nate Smoyer, is a tech-centric podcast, covering all the latest innovations in real estate and property technology. Smoyer interviews movers and shakers in the tech space and helps listeners stay abreast of the technologies transforming the way we buy and sell real estate.

3. Agent Caffeine

agent caffeine

This longtime podcast airs weekly, covering everything from Facebook marketing and lead generation to must-know agent safety tips and more. Hosted by entrepreneur and marketer Kelly Mitchell, Agent Caffeine focuses on empowering women in the industry to better their lives and their careers.

4. Unlisted

inman podcast

Inman is one of the most trusted publications in the industry, and Unlisted — hosted by Inman founder Brad Inman — is no different. The show features interviews with top producers and well-known names from across real estate, as well as helpful tips, tricks, and trending topics.

5. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

tom ferry podcast

Tom Ferry’s podcast is a mix of real estate advice, sage business wisdom, and just plain motivation to succeed. Ferry boasts more than two decades of experience in training real estate and finance pros, and his events, books, and resources are well known in the industry. The show’s episodes covering everything from sales and social media tips to growth hacks and video marketing advice.

6. Super Agents Live

super agents live podcast

Learn from the hard-won wisdom and lessons of top-producing agents in this popular podcast. Hosted by Toby Salgado, a multi-millionaire and author of “How to Sell,” Super Agents Live talks to real-life mega producers about their insights, tips, strategies, and techniques for success. Salgado’s made more than 300 episodes to date and counting.

7. Real Estate Today Radio

real estate radio today

Straight from the National Association of Realtors, this one’s a must-listen for any active agent. Hosted by Stephen Gasque, Real Estate Today Radio covers industry news, technology, selling tips, field reports and interviews with market experts. There’s even a call-in portion when agents can ask questions and get real-life advice.

8. Caravan Confessions

caravan confessions

Just need something lighthearted in your life? Caravan Confessions is for you. Hosted by The Broke Agent’s Eric Simon, this show is full of hilarious industry anecdotes and loads of real estate humor that will have agents rolling. If episode titles like “Shotgun at an Open House” and “The Tale of McMotional” don’t clue you in enough, this show’s funny — oh so relatable.

9. Real Estate Coaching Radio

real estate coaching radio

Hosted by longtime real estate coaches Julie and Tim Harris, Real Estate Coaching Radio is full of hands-on advice and guidance that agents can put to use right away. The show also covers industry news and features interviews with leaders throughout the industry. With more than 1,200 episodes and more on their way, it’s one of the most comprehensive real estate podcasts out there.

10. Real Estate Rockstars

real estate rockstars

Who wouldn’t want to learn from a billion-dollar agent? Pat Hiban, a best-selling author and bona fide super producer, hosts this long-running show, sharing his tips, tricks, and hacks of the trade. Real Estate Rockstars also features major guests like Barbara Corcoran from “Shark Tank” and David Osborn, owner of Keller Williams.

11. YES Talk

yes talk podcast

The complementary podcast to host Kevin Ward’s book “The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Conversation Guide,” YES Talk is the ultimate in agent resources. It includes helpful training and even scripts to use in real-life scenarios. There are also episodes just for first-time agents.

Another Way to Boost Your Career

Tuning in to the industry’s best podcasts is only one way to improve your career and expertise this year. Another great way? Partner with top vendors who can give your clients a better overall buying experience. Contact an Embrace Home Loans team member today to discover what we can do for your valuable customers.

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