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    Managing your money can be difficult. You’ve got bills to pay, income to track, and countless other expenses you need to cover throughout the year, all while saving for retirement (and a rainy day). 

    Though there are apps and online budget tools and budgeting calculators that can help here, sometimes it’s just best to go back to basics and put good old pen to paper when sorting out your finances.

    Fortunately, there are hundreds of printable budget and financial worksheets on the web that can help you manage your costs, better save for future goals, and even track spending within individual categories.

    Want help managing your finances better? Here are our favorite printable budgeting worksheets:

    Printable Monthly Budget Worksheet

    My Frugal Home has a great budgeting worksheet that helps you plot out all your monthly expenses, including everything from gym memberships and banking fees to lawn care and your kiddos’ allowances. The best part? It comes as a fillable PDF so you can easily type, print, and post on your fridge month after month. Another great option for a monthly budget is this one from the Federal Trade Commission.

    Printable Debt Payoff Worksheet

    If you’re looking to pay off credit cards, loans, or other debts, this snowball worksheet can help you visualize the best way to do it. The debt snowball method has you pay off your smallest, most manageable debt first. Once that’s paid off, you put the payment you were previously making toward your next-smallest debt. Eventually, the more debts you pay off, the more you have to pay down those larger debts and eventually, you become debt-free. 

    Printable Spending Tracker Worksheet

    Want to get a better handle on where your money is going and what it’s being spent on? This daily expense tracker can help. Use it to track all your daily expenditures throughout the month. Then, once the month comes to a close, assess your spending patterns and see where you can cut back.

    Printable Annual Budget Worksheet

    Though having a monthly budget is a great start, you’ll also want an annual one, too. This helps you think more long-term and can assist with savings goals (for a vacation, your kids’ college tuition, etc.) This annual budget worksheet from Fidelity is a great start.

    Other Budgeting Options

    If you’re looking to lower your housing expenses and make more room in that budget, you might consider refinancing your mortgage loan. With interest rates at historic lows, it could mean serious savings both monthly and over the life of your mortgage. Reach out to Embrace Home Loans today to learn more.

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