Moving an Aging Parent into Your Home? 5 Tips for Preparing the Property

Moving an Aging Parent into Your Home? 5 Tips for Preparing the Property

Many adults are moving their aging parents into their homes these days. With rising house prices and the added health concerns that come with long-term care facilities, it’s often just the smartest and most economical path forward.

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s easy — or that you can just move mom and dad in right away.

In order for the move to be successful, you’ll need to take some time and prep your property first. Not sure how to do that? Just follow these steps.

5 ways to prep your home for your aging parent

1. Make sure your doorways and hallways are wide enough.

As your parent gets older, there’s a good chance they’ll need a wheelchair or at least a walker (or maybe they already use one). To ensure they can comfortably and safely get around the house, you’ll need to make sure your doorways and halls are wide enough for these devices. You should also think about removing unnecessary doors throughout the home, especially if they’d be difficult to open for wheelchair and walker users.

2. Install grab bars around the toilet and tub.

Getting in and out of the bath can get difficult as your loved one gets older. So can sitting down on or standing up from the toilet. To ease these challenges for your aging parent, add grab bars in these areas, and consider installing a side-entry tub or shower just to be safe.

3. Think about adding a ramp to enter your home.

Adding a ramp to your home is also important should your parent need a walker or wheelchair. You also may need one in the garage or carport to help them exit your vehicle, and if you have stairs in the home, some sort of lift system may be needed as well.

4. Scour the home for safety hazards.

Lots of things can be safety hazards for an aging parent. A floor mat that tends to move when wet? That’s a definite hazard. A door that closes too quickly? Another safety concern. Take time to scan your home for potential hazards, and work to remedy them before your loved one moves onto the property. Be sure to check the exterior of the home, too.

5. Consider some sort of communication or intercom system for your aging parent.

Having an intercom system can be a life-saver should a health scare occur. If you want a budget-friendly option, installing multiple Amazon Echos (or something similar) can be a good option. These communicate easily from one device to another.

Need help paying for the updates?

If you need cash to cover the changes your property needs, a cash-out refinance may be able to help. Get in touch with an Embrace Home Loans office in your area for more information. 

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