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    Your listing presentation can make or break your business.

    It can mean the difference between an endless stream of sales and commissions or a constant struggle to find clients and stay afloat.

    Want to ensure you’re in the former boat?

    Here are Four Ways to Ramp Up Your Listing Presentation and Stand Out from the Pack:

    Know your lead

    The best listing presentation is one that’s completely customized and personalized to the lead you’re working with. What are their goals? Their timeline? Their favorite things about the home? Make sure you address these in your presentation. 

    You also want to be prepared for any concerns or fears they have. Are they worried about how to keep the house clean for showings with two kids and a dog on the property? Come in with a plan to put those fears at ease.

    Show you’re tech-savvy

    Solid tech chops are critical to most sellers, so come armed with proof of yours. Pull up your TikTok video tour that got 1,000 views, or show the 3D floorplan you just created for a recent listing. You can also show examples of websites, video tours, and social media campaigns you ran for past listings. The more you can demonstrate your tech skills, the better.

    Provide mock-ups

    Give the client a peek at the possibilities if they give you the listing. Put together a mock-up of the website you’ll create or the brochure you’d hand out at the open house. You can also show social posts, mailers, search ads, or any other marketing materials you might possibly use. The goal is to give the seller an idea of just how great you will be at marketing their property.

    Have your answers ready

    Be prepared for what the client might ask during and at the end of your listing presentation. They’ll probably want to know what price you’d list the home at (and why), what your commission is (and if it’s negotiable), why you’re different from other agents, and how quickly you think you can sell the property. They might also want contact info for past clients who can vouch for you, so make sure you have a few vetted options to provide.

    Have a mortgage partner ready too

    Some clients may also ask about your network. Do you have an inspector you can refer them to? What about a mortgage lender? Get in touch with an Embrace Home Loans office in your area if you need someone reliable and experienced to recommend in your next listing presentation. 

    Your mortgage options for a smooth journey home.

    Get expert guidance and personalized solutions for a stress-free mortgage experience.