Christmas Tree Inspo: 11 Trees You Have to See

Christmas tree decorations

Tired of the same old Christmas tree you’ve had year after year? Bored with the hodge-podge of homemade ornaments, flashing lights, and freebie bulbs you’ve gotten from holiday parties?

Try changing it up this season. With the number of crafters and bloggers active on the web, there’s no shortage of stunning inspiration out there.

Need help getting started? Here are 11 of the most creative Christmas trees we could find:

1. Ho, ho, ho with this Santa-themed Christmas tree.

Dress your tree like old Saint Nick himself. Choose themed ornaments like hats, stockings, sleighs, belts, and more, and swap out the traditional star for a Santa hat on top.

Try to keep it to a red, white, and gold theme, just like Santa’s outfits.

2. Save space with a flat Christmas tree.

Short on space in your apartment or condo? Try out a flat Christmas tree, like this one made with a few wood poles and some pre-lit wire garland.

All you need are a couple of ornaments and a star for the top, and you’ve got a festive addition that doesn’t take up much real estate.

3. Go sweet with a Candyland Christmas tree.

If you have kiddos in the house, this is a fun one to take stock of. Made completely with lollipops, gingerbread houses, swirly sticks, and other sweet treats, it’s as tasty as it is festive.

You could even change up the candies to achieve a certain color scheme. (Just be sure to keep John and Jane away from this one until the holidays are through!)

4. Minimize costs with this grid-like tree.

Minimize your ornament requirements with this simple and streamlined tree. Use gold ribbon to create a gridlike pattern around the branches, and then fill in the gaps with a small themed set of colorful ornaments. Finish it all off with a matching bow at the top, and you’re ready to go. 

5. Go fun and floral for a feminine touch.

This one has a soft, feminine feel with its pastel roses and fluffy chrysanthemums. All you need is a styrofoam cone, some faux flowers, beads, and ribbon, and you can create a similar tree in any color scheme or theme you like. You can even add in more traditional elements like ornament bulbs, small presents, bells, and more.

6. Add a pop of color with this rainbow holiday tree.

Want something bold and bright this holiday season? This rainbow tree is your answer. All you need are a few matching sets of ornaments in several different colors. Then, layer the ornaments in rings around the tree by color until you reach the top.

You could even go for an ombre effect by selecting ornaments in varying shades of the same color. 

7. Get hooked on this candy cane Xmas tree.

Achieve a candy cane-like effect by using only red, white, striped decor around your tree. Faux poinsettias make a great addition here, as do ribbons, snowflakes, bulbs, and more. You could even rotate red and white light strands for an even bigger effect.

8. Celebrate the fruits of the season.

Go au natural with this seasonal tree, complete with orange ornaments, popcorn strings, cherry strands, and cinnamon sticks. You can even add acorns and pinecones to the mix for some extra pop.

For the full effect, be sure to work the festive elements into your gift wrapping, too. You could even use large leaves as tags!

9. Go Grinchy.

Here’s another great one for the kids, this time Grinch-themed. The majority of the tree is just green and red bulbs, as well as some white ribbon, but you’ll also need a Grinch topper and arms to finish off the look.

Try ordering a Grinch stuffed animal on Amazon and then separating the pieces. You could also use a wood set like these.

10. Read into it with this Christmas book tree.

Are you a family full of avid readers? Give this book tree a whirl. Created from stacks and stacks of coverless books, it’s classy yet personal way to celebrate the season.

Line the stacks with a few strings of twinkly lights, and be sure to pop a star on top for the true Christmas tree look. You could even choose books of a certain color to create patterns or shapes.

11. Go masculine with this painted tire tree.

Want something a little more durable this season? Find some old tires in different shapes and sizes, spray paint them, and stack them up according to size. Once you’re done, stick a few bows and ribbons on the outside, and call it a day. The result is a simple, masculine “tree” to ring in the holidays.

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