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    Part of being a successful real estate agent is constantly being willing to learn. If you’re looking to expand your education, YouTube is a great way to do it. With that in mind, here are the best real estate YouTube channels UPDATED for 2023. Let’s get a closer look at these top five channels, so you can add them to your playlist.

    These are the real estate YouTube channels that you should be watching in 2023

    1. Best for real estate coaching: Brandon Mulrenin

    In 2022 we recommended Tom Ferry, perhaps real estate’s biggest celebrity. This year we’re going with Brandon Mulrenin, a real nuts and bolts, gritty, hard-working and SUCCESSFUL real estate coach.

    Mulrenin went from making $20,000 a month doing everything on his own to $3 million in revenue in 2022. As the founder and CEO of Brandon has dedicated his life’s work to coaching real estate agents using the Reverse Selling method. His focus is to guide agents to achieve their highest potential and grow a listing-based business. His method removes the perception of the pushy “salesperson” and focuses on a process that is rooted in a high-value contribution to clients.

    2. Best for lead generation and conversion strategies: Kyle Handy

    Last year’s pick was Lab Coat Agents. This year, when it comes to lead generation and conversion strategies, you’ll want to pay attention to Kyle Handy.

    Handy is ranked as one of San Antonio’s Top 15 Real Estate Agents by The San Antonio Business Journal and leads an expansion team of over 500 real estate agents across 34 states and 3 Canadian provinces. Kyle helps train thousands of agents and brokers on how to build a better business and create the lifestyle they desire. Kyle believes in excellent customer service, which starts with open lines of communication and setting the right expectations.

    3. Best for social media marketing tips: Stephanie Lugo

    Mike Sherrard was last year’s pick. In 2023 we’ve got a special treat in Stephanie Lugo. Not only is she brilliant in her social media strategies, Stephanie posts fresh content every week.

    Stephanie is a Top 1% REALTOR® and coach. Whether you’re just starting out on your real estate journey or you’ve been around for a while, Stephanie will teach you something new and amazing that works! She shares simple, actionable, step by step help and inspiration to build your dream real estate business with help from timeless principles and today’s cutting-edge strategies.

    4. Best for quick tips: Loida Velasquez

    Known as THE WONDER WOMAN OF REAL ESTATE, after being overworked and underpaid working in the corporate world, Loida decided to make a transition into real estate in December 2014 and became licensed in California in May 2015. In April 2015 she started her YouTube channel. NO video experience, NO public speaking experience (in fact she HATED it), but she knew video was the way to go. And right she was!

    Based in South Florida, Loida is a Realtor®, speaker, coach and content creator and was featured on Designing Spaces. 400 agents that have participated in her New Agent Bootcamp, and she is also a spokesperson for

    5. Best for real estate humor: Holderness Family Laughs

    Kim and Penn have been married for sixteen years. For seven of those years, they have chronicled their marriage and their family with funny music videos, vlogs, skits, and a podcast. Their videos have resulted in over a billion views and 4.5 million followers across social media.

    While the channel is not 100% real estate focused, it is life focused. This gives you a broad range of everyday things to laugh at. The couple has honed their storytelling skills with twenty-five combined years in the TV news business. Today, they own their own company, Holderness Family Productions, where Kim is Chief Executive Officer and Penn is Chief Creative Officer.

    The bottom line on these real estate YouTube channels

    If you’re looking to educate yourself as a real estate agent, YouTube can be an excellent resource. In particular, these real estate YouTube channels can help you learn the skills that you need to know in order to bring your business to the next level. However, watching videos can only take you so far. Don’t be afraid to take the tips and tricks you learn from these YouTubers and incorporate them into your own workflow.

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