8 Pet-Friendly House Plants to Keep Dogs and Cats Safe

8 Pet-Friendly House Plants to Keep Dogs and Cats Safe

A little greenery can do a lot for your home. It can add ambiance, bring pops of color, instill a sense of calm, or even improve the air quality in some cases.

Unfortunately, if you have furry friends in the home, it could also pose a danger.

Are you looking to add some plant life to your home, but don’t want Fluffy or Fido put at risk?

Stick to these 8 pet-friendly house plants

1. Spider plants.

These are easy to grow, and they give off such a bright and cheerful vibe. Best of all? They help to purify the air, too — a huge perk during the pandemic.

2. Ponytail palm.

These look just how they sound — like itty bitty, potted palm trees. They’re a fun addition to any shelf or tabletop, and with their floppy, tempting fronds, they might even offer a fun distraction for that curious cat of yours.

3. African violet.

Want some color in your life? The bright purple and pink tones of the African violet are here for you. Just make sure they’re not too close to the window or under a skylight. These pet-friendly house plants need indirect sunlight (not direct) to thrive.

4. Gloxinia.

Gloxinia is another colorful pet-friendly house plant you might want to think about. Choose from a number of bright tones, including pink, purple, blue, and red.

5. Boston fern.

For a fuller plant, look to the Boston fern. These grow pretty wide and make for great statement pieces in corners or as centerpieces. They’re also super low-maintenance. (You’ll only feed them every two months or so).

6. Aluminum plant.

These are great pet-friendly house plants for low-light areas of your home. They have fun, grey-and-green patterned leaves, and their small flowers add a touch of color. 

7. Baby tears.

Despite its name, this low-lying, bright green plant is really quite cute and uplifting. It’s a great add to a hanging basket or terrarium, or you could even put it around the base of an indoor tree for extra character.

8. Banana tree

Looking for more of a statement piece when it comes to pet-friendly house plants? Try the banana tree. With their large fronds and rich green tones, they stand out virtually anywhere you place them.

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