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    If you feel like your child is more hesitant about the coming school year, you’re not alone. Many children are experiencing apprehension around transitioning from virtual schooling back to in-person classes. To that end, we have five ways to get your kids excited about the new school year. Take a look at each of these suggestions to help your child look forward to all that school has to offer.

    It’s a new school year! 5 ways to get your kids excited

    1. Plan playdates before school starts.

    Often, when a child isn’t excited about the start of a new school year, it’s because they’re worried about being lonely or worried about leaving their summer friends behind. No matter where your child falls on this spectrum, one way to assuage their fears is to plan playdates before school starts up again.

    Often, in lower grades, teachers will post their class lists to give parents an idea of who their child will be matriculating with during the coming year. If your child’s teacher has chosen to make their class list public, use that as a tool to help you set up a few playdates during summer break. As your child becomes more familiar with their soon-to-be classmates, they will likely start to become more excited for what the new school year will bring.

    2. Go shopping for school supplies.

    Next, make a big deal out of going shopping for school supplies. No matter whether you are a kid or an adult, you have to admit that there is something magical about buying new administrative supplies. There’s just something about new notebooks, folders, and pens that feels like turning over a new leaf or taking on a new beginning. It’s a good possibility that your child will feel that way too.

    With that said, if your child seems to be apprehensive about the new school year, treat them to new school supplies. If you can swing it financially, let them pick out anything they want, as long as it fits the criteria given for their school supplies list. In this case, having the opportunity to pick out their own supplies may make them more enthusiastic about finally getting a chance to use these items once school starts.

    3. Go for a school visit.

    If your child is starting at a new school this year, you may be given the opportunity to take a tour. Whether they are new to the school as a result of a recent move or simply going into a higher grade, the reality is that being somewhere unfamiliar can be frightening. Visiting the building ahead of time will give them the chance to familiarize themselves with their surroundings, which can make acclimating much easier on their first day.

    When it’s time to take your tour, do your best to ensure that you have your child’s class schedule in hand. If you can, stop by each of their classrooms in the order that they will be visiting them each day. Additionally, it may be helpful to try and set up a short meet-and-greet with each of their teachers. If they are able to introduce themselves and ask any lingering questions that they may have, it might go a long way towards assuaging their fears.

    4. Set up a new homework area.

    Additionally, if you haven’t done so already, consider setting up a dedicated homework area for your child to use during the new school year. While generations of kids have done their homework at the kitchen table, odds are good that this area of your home can get very chaotic. Between the adults getting home from work and someone trying to make dinner, your child is bound to have trouble concentrating if they’re studying in a high-traffic area.

    To that end, try to find a quiet space where they can work. Then, tell your child that this area is just for their use while school is in session. You may even want to go the extra mile and decorate the space or fill it with some organizational tools that will help them with their studies. Although no child has ever looked forward to doing homework assignments, giving yours a dedicated space to do their work may help make it less of a battle.

    5. Start a countdown.

    If your child is someone who enjoys building anticipation around special events. consider starting a countdown a week or two before the first day of school. To make the anticipation even sweeter, think about giving them a small treat each night leading up to the big day. Then, as the first day of the school year draws closer, think about something special you can do to celebrate a successful entry to the school year. For example, you could cook a special meal or go out for ice cream after dinner.

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