5 Ideas to Keep the Kids Busy Over Thanksgiving Break

5 Ideas to Keep the Kids Busy Over Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and for the students out there, that means time off from school.

While it’s certainly welcome news for the kiddos, parents, on the other hand, are typically less enthusiastic about the break. 

Wondering how you’re going to work or be productive with the kids home? Just need some time to prep that big turkey dinner?

Here are some ways to keep the kids entertained over the Thanksgiving holidays:

1. Let them repaint their rooms.

Need to do a little redecorating? Put the kids to work. Just tape off the baseboards, remove the furniture, and put a tarp down on the ground. Stock up on paint rollers and their favorite hue, and let them go to town. 

2. Start a Thanksgiving reading challenge.

Challenge your kids to finish three books by the end of the week. Anyone who meets the challenge (and can tell you what the books were about) gets a prize. Maybe a pizza and movie night to round out Thanksgiving week?

3. Build an obstacle course.

Want to keep the kids active over Thanksgiving? Build a backyard (or living room) obstacle course. You can make it a fun, floor-is-lava type course or make it more challenging, like something out of American Ninja Warrior. Whatever it is, just make sure it’s on a soft surface, like grass or carpet. 

4. Send them on a scavenger or treasure hunt.

Make a long list of items found in your house, yard, and around the neighborhood, and send your kids out on an epic scavenger hunt. Another cool option? Make a treasure map and have them find their way to a prize. It’s a nice way to build in some learning (reading, geography, etc.) while keeping it fun and entertaining.

5. Put on a talent show.

Ask each of your kids to put together a three- to five-minute performance of some sort — a song, dance, or even reading (whatever they’re interested in). And at the end of the week, put on a Thanksgiving talent show in the living room. You could even invite the neighbors to take part as well.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving break, too

Don’t forget to enjoy the extra time with your kiddos, too. Consider letting them help prep your Thanksgiving meal or maybe just set the dinner table. And if you’re hosting a big party? Heed these handy tips.

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