Heading to a Holiday Cookie Swap? Try These Tasty Recipes

Heading to a Holiday Cookie Swap? Try These Tasty Recipes

Cookie swaps are a fun way to exchange gifts without spending a whole ton of cash.  

You just buy a few ingredients, spend a few hours cooking with the kids, and voila — your tasty, handmade presents are done.

Even better, you get sweet treats in return.

1. Apple pie cookies

This is my favorite cookie recipe of all time — seriously. I’ve been making them for family get-togethers for years, and they’re always a huge hit. 

You have to make them in two steps: First, the dough, and then the filling. Fortunately, the filling part is super easy. (You just cut apples, dip them in cinnamon and sugar, and sandwich them in between two pieces of dough). 

When you’re done, you have dozens of crispy, gooey, mini apple pies for swapping.

2. Cranberry orange cookies

Nothing says “holidays” like cranberries — and these cookies show off that flavor well. Full of nuts, berries, vanilla, and brown sugar, they’re a tasty treat both adults and kiddos will love.

The best part is the sweet, orange glaze that goes on top. (I promise: You’re going to want it on everything from here on out).

3. Turtle cookies

Want something really rich and decadent for the cookie swap? These turtle cookies are it. Full of caramel, cocoa, butter, and pecans, they’re almost candy-like, they’re so sweet.

A nice perk? They’re super easy, too. They only bake for about 10 minutes, and you even use the microwave for a few steps.

4. Cake batter cookies

Want a treat the kids can help with? Try these cake batter cookies. Full of chocolate chips and sprinkles, they’re hard to mess up — and super fun to decorate. You can even let the kids pick out their own sprinkles to really personalize them (maybe Christmas trees or other holiday-themed options?)

5. Peppermint meltaways

It wouldn’t be the holidays without some classic peppermints — and this recipe has them in spades. (There’s peppermint in the cookie, in the frosting, and on top!) These are another fun one for the kids to help with. They’ll have a blast smashing the peppermints to bits and then sprinkling on top.

Want treats that are even easier? Try these no-bake holiday desserts. Just need help hosting the perfect exchange? These holiday hosting tips can help.

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