9 Things People Love About Living in Rural Areas

Two lane road in the country

From country mouse and city mouse to “Green Acres,” the debate over rural versus urban living goes all the way back to ancient Greece and Aesop’s fables. While personal preference and economics play a role in where we choose to live, the benefits of rural living, particularly in these stressful times, have great appeal.

Why You Might Like Living in a Rural Area

  1. Fresh air and wide open spaces.

    Rural living offers the opportunity to reconnect with nature. More trees and less traffic means cleaner air. Fields, forests, and streams make for great outdoor living and a healthier lifestyle.

  2. Peace and quiet.

    Urban dwellers know the sound and light of the city never stop. The quiet of the country and brilliance of the star lit sky offers a deeper satisfaction.

  3. A slower pace of living.

    Rural living can offer a less stressful life. It’s ideal for the sole proprietor or remote worker who’s looking to exit the rat race of traffic jams and noisy cubicles.

  4. A good place to raise children.

    Both city and country have their benefits when it comes to raising children. But, if you’re nostalgic for a time when children were able to roam free, the country offers a unique childhood experience.

  5. Being part of a tight knit community.

    The sheer size of cities makes it difficult to feel like a real part of the community. Church, town hall, and gathering at the local diner make it easier to form strong social bonds. Residents are more likely to take an active role in the community knowing their voice has a greater impact.

  6. Neighbors you can count on.

    Anyone who’s lived in the city knows that it can take a long time to make new friends. In a rural setting neighbors need to be able to rely on one another. Even those who prefer to keep to themselves and maintain a comfortable distance know they can turn to their neighbor should the need arise.

  7. Fresh food.

    Farmers markets and a shortage of fast food restaurants encourage healthy eating. Locally-sourced meat, fruit, and vegetables are readily available without the high prices charged in big city health food restaurants.

  8. Less crime.

    Less population density (usually) equals less crime. It’s that simple.

  9. A great place to retire.

    Rural living could be your great escape from the hustle and bustle of city living.

While rural life and small town living is not for everyone, for many it is a very desirable alternative to the stress and strain of the modern urban world. And now, moving to the country without losing the many advantages of city life has never been easier. Internet access keeps you in contact with what’s going on around the world and online shopping means hard-to-find products are just a click away.

One more advantage to choosing a rural lifestyle comes in the form of affordable housing. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has home loans specifically designed for house hunters with smaller budgets in search of a primary residence in rural America. These government-insured loans require no down payment, no private mortgage insurance, and no maximum loan amount. Contact an Embrace loan officer to learn more about USDA loans.

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