You’re the Best — but Are Your Mortgage Partners, Too?

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We are all constantly peppered with “best” lists. Best places to live, work, and play are pretty common. Maybe even “best” mortgage company.

Embrace has an atrium full of what we consider well-earned “best” award banners. All of those “best” lists can be somewhat subjective — but that is fine with us. The objective is that all of those things that are fact-based, measurable, and observable. Like closing on time.

Those measurables are basic good business. We have those covered. The subjective is based on your or your clients’ personal opinions, emotions, and judgments about how we did. What was your or their experience? How satisfied were you with us? Those are what we consider to be our true measures. And that is where we thrive.

Today’s real estate and mortgage marketplaces are not typical for a variety of reasons. Lack of inventory, mortgage rates, and home prices seem to be working against those prospective homeowners. Which means that the opinions, emotions, and judgments of the consumer may be preconceived — often in the negative about the process as a whole. And in that process it is often hard to distinguish between the real estate transaction and the mortgage. To the consumer they are one in the same.

That is why selecting to work with a mortgage lender dedicated to the every nuance, want, and desire of your clients can make all the difference in the world when your clients look back on the process. Their opinions, emotions, and judgments will determine how likely they are to refer you and us to a friend or relative.

If you have that much of your client relationship on the line doesn’t it make sense to only work with the best?

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Mary Mack

Mary is the Copywriter/Content Manager at Embrace Home Loans. She loves taking complicated subjects/ideas and making them easier to understand (and enjoyable to read about). Is there a topic you'd love to see covered in this blog? Email Mary at [email protected] to let her know!