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    Work-Life Balance

    For many professionals, immense career growth can come at a significant cost to other areas of life; forcing them to compromise on the very things that matter most. The majority of executive-level leaders, however, have found that the answer to long-term, sustained success tends to lie in learning to effectively balance one’s career with social, family, and community life. The Embrace Home Loans Talent Development team understands this is no easy feat, and takes pride in helping employees develop strategies aimed at achieving that ever-elusive balance.

    Striking A Balance

    Let’s face it: we all want to have our cake and eat it, too, but in this modern, fast-paced world, doing so is virtually impossible. Attempting to figure out how to “do it all” without becoming overwhelmed by stress, poor time management, and the ever-increasing demands of employers is enough to make a person’s head spin. While career success is certainly important, it shouldn’t define one’s life in its entirety. Learning how to strike a balance between work and all other areas of one’s life is key to avoiding burnout.

    Preventing Burnout

    Embrace Talent Development takes great joy in watching new hires enter the workforce bright-eyed and bushy-tailed; already committed to getting the job done! These “go-getters” aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and dive right into projects without hesitation. Nevertheless, this early excitement and “firing on all cylinders” mentality can result in a dreaded crash-and-burn effect. The good news, however, is that there’s much that can be done to prevent this!
    The Talent Development  team encourages employees to strive for work-life balance each day so that they can continue to pursue their careers with a sense of enjoyment that never fades.

    A recent article from Forbes entitled “6 Tips For Better Work-Life Balance” by Deborah Jian Lee offers simple tips detailing how employees can easily begin integrating work-life balance strategies into their daily lives right now. Lee advises the following:

    1. Let go of perfectionism
    2. Unplug
    3. Exercise and meditate
    4. Limit time-wasting activities and people
    5. Change the structure of your life
    6. Start small. Build from there.

    Creating greater balance in one’s life is a goal to which all employees, whether they are new to the workforce or seasoned professionals, should aspire. As Lee advises, start small: don’t underestimate the power of making tiny adjustments here and there throughout the course of the day. Be sure you are doing at least one thing each day just for yourself. Doing so can change your whole mindset during times of distress. Even those who absolutely love their job and all the responsibilities entailed experience challenges in which effective coping strategies for creating balance come in handy.

    To learn more about how you can attain the balance you’ve been missing in your life, check out Lee’s full article


    Lee, Deborah Jian. “6 Tips For Better Work-Life Balance.”Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 27 Oct. 2014. Web. 13 Feb. 2017.

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