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    Consumers want a personal connection to the company originating their loans. They’re borrowing large amounts of money, and even if it’s for something they’re excited about, like buying a new home, the loan origination process still comes with a lot of fear on their parts.

    When they have a personal connection to the process — someone they trust and whose opinion they value — they feel more at ease, allowing their overall customer experience to become one they’ll never forget. One that they’ll recommend to friends and family members who need loans in the future.

    So how can you, as a loan officer, build these relationships?

    Get out in your community and participate in local in-person networking opportunities. Face-to-face interactions build a “like, know, and trust” factor, and it gives you the opportunity to speak with people you might not come across if you’re simply waiting for the leads to reach out to you.

    Here are a few reasons why in-person networking should be a major part of your marketing efforts.


    Being seen in your community is one way to build recognition with your peers and potential clients. The more people familiarize themselves with your face, the more your role will be cemented in their memory.

    There’s so much that happens in person that can get missed over the phone, via email, or online. Meeting in person allows your acquaintance to hear your tone of voice, see your facial expressions and view your mannerisms, allowing them to make a more informed judgment as to how they feel about you.

    And, because you’ll be presenting your best self in the networking event, people will remember you as a consummate professional — someone that they’d like to do business with.


    One of the best perks of any networking event is the potential to meet people who need your services. This is why it’s important to feel confident with and nail an elevator pitch every time you meet someone new. But being able to share who you are and how you can help is only part of your job as a networking loan officer. 

    It’s also important to find out about the people you’re meeting. By asking questions of them, you’ll learn about who they are and what they need. And when you know more about your new acquaintances, you’ll be better able to help them.


    Prospects aren’t the only people you can meet at networking events. Anyone you connect with is a potential referral source for you in the future. Meet a real estate agent? Well, you’ve just scored a perfect match. But what about a hairdresser or a financial advisor? Both could be potential referrers to you in the future. Hairdressers have a wide variety of clientele, some of which may be in the process of looking for a new home. Financial advisors would absolutely be in the know if their clients were planning on leveling up or buying an additional home.

    Better yet, you can act as a matchmaker when you’re doing your in-person networking. You’ll set yourself apart from the crowd if you’re able to refer one acquaintance to another, especially if there’s nothing in it for you. 

    In-person events are a great way to grow your network and become more recognized in your community. Don’t let another month or two go by without attending a networking opportunity.

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