Where to Invest in Housing in 2019

where to invest in housing 2019

There’s a fine art to buying a home — at least if you want to make a profit on it down the line.

You want the home to be affordable and within budget, most importantly, but you also want to ensure its value is going to increase, giving you a solid ROI when it comes time to sell.

Striking that balance — especially in our rising home price, rising rate environment — can be harder than it seems.

Want help finding the right spot to buy your home and ensure a return on your investment in the next few years? Here are the top cities to consider in 2019:

Denver, Colorado

buying a home in denver colorado

According to the recent Home Price Expectations Survey from Zillow, industry experts expect the mile-high city to see some of the strongest price growth in 2019. The city already saw home prices jump 6.2% this year. If buyers purchase early enough — before prices rise even more — it could mean serious ROI down the road.

Washington, D.C.  

buying a home in washington dc

D.C. is another market that experts expect to outpace national price growth. Prices increased 3.5% in the area over 2018, but with Amazon’s HQ2 (at least half of it) set to hit the scene next year, that number’s likely to jump significantly over the coming months.

Atlanta, Georgia

buying a home in atlanta

Atlanta saw one of the biggest spikes in home prices in the nation this year, with a growth rate of 13.1% as of November. Experts predict that trend to continue well into 2019, according to Zillow’s survey.

Dallas, Texas

buying a home in dallas

Home prices increased nearly 11% in Dallas this year, and the city’s slated for another banner year as we head into 2019. Buyers looking for a little more affordable properties can look outside the city lines, in places like Fort Worth, Arlington, or Grapevine.

Las Vegas, Nevada

buying a home in vegas

With a 14.7% jump in home prices just this year, it’s no surprise Las Vegas makes the list. Experts largely expect it to outpace national home price growth (predicted to hit 3.8% in 2019).

Keep in mind that housing markets ebb and flow, and though home values are expected to increase in these cities over the next year, there’s no guarantee they will — or that the trend will continue in the years following. Make sure to work with a knowledgeable real estate agent in your area to both purchase a great property and time your future sale for best results.

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