What to Expect at an Open House

Open houses can be a great way to tour potential properties in a laid-back, low-pressure way.

Often held on weekends, they’re easy to attend and won’t interfere with work or family obligations. You can also typically come and go as you please — no appointments necessary — and you can bring friends, spouses, or kids along, too. You don’t even need your agent.

Still, as flexible as open houses are, you’ll want to have a plan before attending one. Are you thinking of stopping by an open house in your area this weekend? Here’s what to expect — and how to prepare for it:

  1. You’re going to get approached by an agent — and maybe even a lender. Open houses are a marketing tool for Realtors®, so you can bet you’ll encounter one while you’re there. They may even offer to represent you if you don’t already have a buyer’s agent, and a lender might also be on-site pre-qualifying buyers. Make sure you’ve got a response planned for how to tackle these conversations or consider bringing your agent along if you have one.
  2. You might have trouble staying together, but be diligent. If you go with a spouse or your children, it’s easy to get pulled in different directions as you tour the home. The kids might get excited by the spacious game room, while your husband veers off to the tool shed or garage. Do your best to stick together, as it’s vital you’re all on the same page about the home’s pros and cons. Staying in your group also makes it easier on the agent to answer your questions and show you around the property.
  3. People might still live there, so tour accordingly. Though they might not be present at the moment, there’s a high chance the sellers are still living on the property. Keep this in mind as you tour the property, and avoid opening drawers, cabinets, closets or other areas that seem private. If you’re not sure whether you should access something, ask the showing agent just to be safe.
  4. Use the agent to your advantage and ask questions. If you’ve got questions, concerns or just want an expert’s opinion on something you see in the home, pick the showing agent’s brain. What are the schools like in the area? How old is the roof? Do they have any other open houses you can attend? Leverage their knowledge and experience to get the most from your visit.

Are you attending an open house in your area soon? Contact us today to get Approved to Move™, and go in with a budget and timeline in mind. We’re here to help!

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Aly Yale

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