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    Engagement marketing goes by many different names. You may have heard it called “experiential marketing,” “event marketing,” “on-ground marketing,” “live marketing,” “participation marketing,” “loyalty marketing,” or “special events.” All of these names boil down to the same concept, though, which can best be described by Marketo:

    Engagement marketing is the use of strategic, resourceful content to engage people, and create meaningful interactions over time with your brand.

    You’re the Brand

    As a real estate agent, you are your brand — even if you’re working for a large brokerage. The experience of buying or selling a home that a client has with you transcends brochures, pamphlets, websites, and social media. In fact, whenever you’re dealing with a client or a potential referral partner, you are practicing engagement marketing.

    What makes this type of engagement different is that you’ll be orchestrating an offline experience specifically designed to engage past, present, and potential clients outside of the home buying or selling process.

    Think Outside the Office

    If you have a particular hobby or interest to share, go with what you know. The goal is nothing more than a little relationship building and a whole lot of fun. Some events to consider:

    • History. Host a walking tour through your town or city and visit historical sites.
    • Art. Share your knowledge of art by leading a group through the local museum.
    • Nature. Lead a group hike in a local nature preserve or nearby national park.
    • Drinks. Host a wine or beer tasting at a local vineyard or brewery.
    • Movies. Rent a local theatre and present a favorite movie.
    • Sports. Host a season-end party for a local sports team.
    • Fundraising. Host a charitable event or organize a fundraising walk or run.
    • Clean-up campaign. Invite clients, friends, and family to join with you in an “Earth Day” style clean-up.
    • Class or seminar. Host first-time homebuyers or prepare current homeowners to sell.

    When you have a shared experience like this, you are giving the participants more insight into who you are and what you do. You are building trust, which makes for a stronger bond.

    Marketing Your Event

    Start with your database of clients and prospects. Reach out by phone, email, social media, and post on your website. Be sure to include an RSVP with your invite so you can plan accordingly. If your event is more than a few hours, consider providing snacks or a full meal. Also, it doesn’t hurt to invite friends and family for the added support.

    The Bottom Line

    Have we put too much emphasis on social media marketing? Probably not. But, any good salesperson will tell you that time spent engaging in person with a potential client or referral is often much more powerful and effective than connecting online. Engage.

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