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    Everyone has a morning routine — whether it’s pressing the snooze button until you are really late or waking up early, going for a run, and showering all before 6 a.m.

    You may not know what your morning routine says about your personality, but you can probably list at least five things you do every morning. Let’s take a look at what your morning routine reveals about you.

    The Snooze Button Presser

    Pressing snooze in the morning is a dangerous game — one minute you’re catching an extra five minutes and the next you are rushing out the door with one shoe on. You prefer being all snuggled up for an extra few minutes, meaning you enjoy even the littlest things in life. The only issue with that extra five minutes in bed is that it is actually making you feel more groggy, according to AmeriSleep. Try to get up when the alarm initially goes off and see how much easier it is to enjoy the little things.

    The Early Riser

    If you are able to pop out of bed before your alarm, it means you are probably sleeping really well. You are highly productive and have great timing for your REM sleep cycle. You are truly an early bird who gets the worm and you may not even need coffee to wake up your mind and get the day started. True respect for anyone who can do this successfully day in and day out.

    The No Alarm Waker

    If you are gifted with a finely-tuned circadian rhythm that allows you to go to sleep and just know you will wake up at the right moment, then you are probably highly intuitive. If you don’t need an alarm, this may indicate that you don’t keep your phone near you at night so you aren’t tempted to scroll through social media or the internet right before you go to sleep.

    The Workout Junkie

    It takes true patience and dedication to workout before going to the office in the morning. You are probably a planner who is focused and goal-driven. Starting the day off with a boost of endorphins from a workout can change your entire mindset and mood. Bravo!

    The No-Time-for-Breakfast Rusher

    If you can’t find the time to eat breakfast, you probably can’t find the time for much else. You may be a bit frazzled and overwhelmed, but you should try to slow down and make sure you are getting all the nutrients the most important meal of the day has to offer. Try to wake up earlier and plan out your breakfast the night before. You may see a huge change in your health. According to a recent Food Insight survey, 44% of Americans are not eating breakfast everyday — don’t fall into this statistic!

    The Perpetually Late

    If you are consistently late to work, no matter how hard you try to be on time, it’s time to pause for a a second, take a step back, and really prioritize your life. Why are you late? Do you press the snooze button? Spend too long getting ready? Whatever the reason, you need to ensure you are on time to work every day to start the day on a high note. Do whatever it takes to make yourself productive in the morning.

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