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    Cleaning your carpets regularly is important — and I don’t just mean a little vacuuming from time to time. 

    Though that will certainly pick up your basic dirt and debris, it’s not enough if you want to keep indoor allergens, pet dander, and stains at bay.

    For that, you’ll need a deeper clean. Fortunately, you have several options to make that happen:

    1. Rent a steam cleaner.

    Steam cleaners are basically giant vacuums that use hot water (and a cleaning solution) to rinse and cleanse your carpet fibers. You can usually rent them at a small hourly or daily rate from a home improvement, grocery, or big box store. Just make sure you read the directions carefully and that you purchase the appropriate cleaning solution to go along with it.

    2. Bring in a carpet cleaning company. 

    If you don’t want to put in the elbow grease yourself, there are companies that will come out and steam clean your carpets for you. These usually charge a per-room or per-square-foot fee. You’ll likely need to leave the home for a few hours in order to allow the carpets time to dry once they’re done.

    3. Spot clean with a spray-on or foam cleaner.

    There are also spray-on and foam carpet cleaning products you can use — though these are best left for spot-cleaning your carpet, not cleaning all your floors at once. You can typically find use-specific cleaners if you’re looking to achieve a certain goal, like clean pet urine, get rid of odors, or remove a stain. 

    Take Preventative Measures, Too

    It’s important to clean your carpets at least a few times a year. In between cleanings, you should also take steps to prevent stains and dirt build-up. Remove your shoes at the door, and invest in a robotic vacuum that can pick up dirt and grime on a daily basis. You should also keep any pets in tiled or wood-floored areas, where their fur (and dirt from their paws) can be more easily cleaned.

    Carpet Cleaning and Home Maintenance

    Cleaning your carpets should be a regular part of your home maintenance efforts. Do you need help covering the costs of a professional cleaning or other maintenance projects you’re taking on? A cash-out refinance could help you do it. Get in touch with Embrace Home Loans today to discuss your financing options.

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