Want to Sell Your Home? Clean Out Your Closets

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Cleaning and organizing your home is vital if you want it to sell. But if you’re shoving items in closets and packing your cabinets to the brim to make it happen? That might be hurting your chances more than helping them.

You see, buyers are going to be thorough when touring your home. They’ll look at everything from front to back — including under the kitchen sink and in the closets.

Rest assured: piles of unwashed laundry and hordes of old magazines are not what they want to find.

Want to give your buyers the tidy, spacious closets they’re looking for? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Leave only what you currently use. Don’t use your closets for old winter coats or dirty boots and shoes, and certainly don’t store towers of boxes and Tupperware in there to eat up all your space. Keep only what you need readily available, and move the rest to the attic or garage. You can also consider using a storage unit while your home’s on the market.
  2. Repaint. Give your closets a fresh coat of white paint to make them seem lighter, airier, and more spacious. Be sure to repaint the shelving units inside, too — especially if they’re smudged and dirty.
  3. Swap out your hangers. Give your closets a touch of class by replacing those old dry cleaner hangers with nicer wooden or chrome ones. This can make the space look more decorative and appealing.
  4. Add storage. Have exceptionally small closets? Add in shelves, install a door-hanging unit or invest in a mesh or wire crate system from your local hardware store. If there’s one thing today’s buyers are always after, it’s more storage space.
  5. Try color coordinating. Try to give your closets their own unique aesthetic by choosing a color scheme for all clothing, items and décor inside. Stick to neutral or monochromatic colors where possible, as not all buyers will enjoy particularly bright or bold ones.

Finally, just do some general spring cleaning. Get rid of items you no longer wear or use, and donate things you don’t want to Goodwill or The Salvation Army. This not only clears out the clutter from your closets, but it gives you fewer items to move to your new property — and that means less hassle (and less in moving costs!)

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