Using Facebook Live to Market Your Business

Real Estate Marketing Tip

Imagine walking all your potential buyers on Facebook through your latest listing, showing them the house room by room and pointing out unique features as you go — granite countertops, spacious closets, a beautifully tiled fireplace. Or going down to check out the basement, out to the garage, or admiring the lawn and garden.

Imagine no longer.

Ever since Facebook launched Facebook Live back in 2016, marketers have turned increasingly to this new and not-so-novel channel. Available on iPhone or Android, live streaming feels like “the app” Realtors® have been waiting for.

Everything you need to get started

Facebook provides detailed instructions on how to set up live video and choose your audience prior to going live. According to the social media site, “Live is available to all Pages and profiles on Facebook for iOS, Android, and the Facebook Creator app.” There are convenient FAQ’s covering everything from “how do I know if a video is live?” to “how can I build anticipation for my upcoming live broadcast?”

The site offers tips on how to alert users that you’ll be broadcasting and to get your followers to subscribe to your live broadcasts. You can practice going live to get a feel for lighting, etc. Once you’re ready, you can broadcast for up to four hours. During live sessions you can take questions from viewers and respond to their live comments. Once you’ve completed a live session you can upload your video to your Facebook page where viewers who missed your broadcast can catch up at their own convenience.

If you don’t have a smartphone, or if you want a more professional shoot, you can use your own camera and software using your Profile, Page, or through Facebook’s live API. You can even broadcast panoramic shots from a drone. The Facebook Live website walks you through the process including troubleshooting, tips and tricks, and how to post your videos for future viewing.

There are a number of interesting ways to leverage Facebook Live. You can create video on the fly and reach out to contacts directly by posting a brief description of the topic and a link to the live feed, or schedule broadcasts and notify followers ahead of time. Here are some broadcast ideas:

  • New listings – Have a weekly new listing walk-through broadcast
  • Market conditions – Provide market updates and display your expertise and share opinions with your followers
  • Open house – Broadcast live from an open house for those unable to attend
  • Around town – Explore the neighborhood and feature local shops and restaurants
  • Feature referral partners – Live broadcast interviews with new and existing referral partners. Ask them about their business and explain how the two of you work together for your shared clients
  • Congratulate new buyers – Capture satisfied clients opening the door to their new home for the first time
  • Testimonials – Create video testimonials by interviewing satisfied customers
  • Share with coworkers – Introduce work colleagues in your office who may be working with your future clients

Some of these events may have to be spontaneous, while others could be regular scheduled broadcasts. And, while you have up to four hours of broadcast time, the more focused and briefer the broadcast the better. You don’t want to take up your viewers’ valuable time. Whatever you do, be consistent. Scheduled broadcasts help built your audience. Also, capture viewer feedback, respond, and adjust accordingly.

With time and experience your video skills are bound to improve. Remember, these broadcasts don’t need be perfect, just informative and fun.  

For those of you who lack confidence in your writing skills, Facebook Live is a great way to do what you do best — sell.

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