Turn Your Marketing Content into a Webinar

Real Estate Marketing Tip

One of the best things about building a solid marketing content library is the ability to repurpose that content for other channels and formats. Real estate content is ideally suited for the webinar format. Once you’ve created and conducted a webinar, you can make it available through just about every channel. You can even post it on YouTube.

If you’ve participated in a webinar, you already have a good idea of how it works. Start by choosing a specific topic, then determine the format that will best engage your audience. Formats can include single or multiple presenters, a panel discussion with you as moderator, or an interview followed by a Q&A session.

A successful webinar offers real value to its participants by providing detailed and relevant content in a fresh and engaging way. Time-wise, a webinar is best when under an hour and should be scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday in the morning. You want your audience to be wide awake with minimal distractions.

Real Estate Webinar Tech

Having the right equipment and technical support is crucial when it comes to executing a successful webinar. You’ll want to have a headset to free up your hands. If possible, for better reception, use a landline as your primary connection. Be sure you have a back up plan in the event you have an issue with your headset, laptop, or any other technology you may be using. If you’re conducting a large webinar, it’s best to have a technical person on hand to assist.

There are many software tools and apps available for running a webinar. Be sure to research different platforms before committing to one.

Preparing for Your Real Estate Webinar

Keep your slides simple — the visual part of your presentation should emphasize only the most important points in your script. Prepare by walking through your script multiple times because you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. By sticking to your script you will avoid going off on a tangent.

Unless you’re hosting a panel discussion, ask participants to text their questions for an open Q&A following your presentation. On the day of your webinar get there early for a final run-through.

Possible Topics for Real Estate Agent Webinars

Consumer topics might include:

Some B2B topics:

  • The benefits of co-branded marketing
  • Sharing niche marketing opportunities
  • Building a stronger business community through charitable giving
  • How real estate agents choose a lender

Marketing Your Webinar

Use every available channel to market your webinar. Your database, website, social media, newsletter and blog should promote the event at least two weeks prior. Ask participants to RSVP.

The Bottom Line

Creating and hosting a successful webinar takes practice. Not every webinar will be successful, but with more experience and participant feedback, you can refine and expand your skills to take on other subjects or present material using other formats.

Turning a a presentation into a webinar is not only a good way to get more out of the marketing content you’ve already created. It can also generate leads and build stronger relationships with potential referral partners. And, if it really goes well, it might be time to consider a podcast.

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