Top Loan Officers Share 3 Secrets to Achieving Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

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Embrace earned the #1 ranking in customer satisfaction from SocialSurvey for the second year in a row in the large mortgage company category. SocialSurvey is a popular online customer experience measurement service.

We were led by nine of our loan officers who were recognized by SocialSurvey as top loan officers — they achieved customer satisfaction scores that placed them in the top 250 loan officers out of over 30,000 participating loan officers nationwide. If that wasn’t extraordinary enough, Frank Virga made the top 10 loan officers category, and Pat Holland and Rich Williams made the top 100 loan officers category.

It takes the whole company to achieve such a milestone.

I used to spend most of my day micromanaging the process, but now I am able to do my job because of the process — not in spite of it. No overlays, in-house processing, a great branch manager, in-house underwriting, and no funding authorization are all in place to give us the confidence that we need to be successful,” said Rich Williams.

Frank Virga noted, “I think this represents all of what we do so well here, as it’s not just about units or volume, but it’s about the customer’s sincere thoughts on the experience they had. If we are not able to distinguish ourselves by the quality of the experience we give our customer, we are reduced to being seen by our customers as just a mortgage.

Brian Woltman put it this way: “You’re selling an experience, not your rate.

Dennis Hardiman, CEO of Embrace, asked our SocialSurvey top loan officer recipients to share the secrets of their success. He discovered three qualities they all seem to have in common.

1. They take giving attention to their customers to a new level

When working with a customer, I ask a lot of questions to get to know them — the person.  Knowing the person will allow me to serve them better and communicate with them.  What is their history and/or life events that may have brought them to this point?”Dawn Ryan

I attend every closing and celebrate their purchase by bringing something to the closing that I have noticed about the client — telling a story about how we worked together or one they told me about what the house they purchased meant to them.” – Frank Virga

I speak to a client, I ask several questions, and try to do as much listening as possible. I let them tell me their story and then put together a recap for them making sure I have captured their goals.” – Pat Holland

2. They prioritize making a personal connection with their clients

I try to talk to everyone as if I’ve known them for years. The person they talk to is the same guy that spends time with his wife or hangs out with his friends at the hockey rink. I try to be the same person all the time and just smile and enjoy life and the process they’re going through.” – Brian Woltman

I treat them like I would want to be treated. Listen and learn; make a friend.” – Rich Williams

We are in a relationship business; loans are a byproduct of the relationships that we have with our clients, real estate agents, and organization.” – Jason Cook

3. They are ardent about staying in communication with their customers

The number one action is communication. I think that great communication encompasses listening, patience, and understanding. No matter what happens in the transaction as long as you communicate well people will talk highly of you.” – Gabe Fortmann

I am a true believer that people feel better about making big decisions when they fully understand what they are doing and how their money is being spent. Being accessible at all times and discussing things in a format that they can understand, I believe, helps the client feel good about what they are doing and ultimately adds to the customer having a great experience. Taking a call when someone else isn’t willing to do so or carving out time to answer questions they have is so important in the customer experience.” – Frank Virga

Our purpose at Embrace is also our brand. We enrich the lives of our customers, teammates, and business partners by conducting ourselves in a loving manner to help our customer create a home. Conducting ourselves in a loving manner helps our customer create a home. There is no greater recognition we can receive than for our customers to acknowledge we have provided them with extraordinary care.

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