Tips for Building Your Real Estate Agent Wardrobe

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Real estate agents are in a unique spot when it comes to their wardrobes. For one, they need clothing that works in all conditions, all seasons, and both indoor and outdoor. On top of this, they also need to dress to impress (after all, their clients have thousands of dollars on the line!)

Throw in all the walking around they do and the constant movement, and comfort is a big player as well.

It’s definitely a delicate balance to strike. Not sure how to do it — or how to do it affordably? These tips can help:

Choose layerable items.

When buying clothes for your wardrobe, try to stick to items that can be layered either under or over other pieces you own. Layers make it easy to adapt as the day goes on. Feeling hot touring all those houses? Take off your sweater to get more comfortable. Is it cold inside that builder’s office? Wrap up in a cardigan and still look pulled together. 

Stick to solids.

Solids are good for two reasons. First, they make it easy to mix and match. Wear a solid-colored shirt with a different skirt, pant, or slack, and you’ve got a whole new outfit. Essentially, they give you more options with fewer pieces (and less cash).

Second, solids are also easier to accessorize. You can pair them with different shoes, bags, jewelry, and scarves to completely change up your look or tailor it to the occasion.

Focus on function and comfort.

Function and comfort should be at the heart of every clothing purchase. Ask yourself: will this piece help me or hurt me when performing my job? Would it be comfortable for an entire day? If it wouldn’t (or you’re not sure), then don’t buy it.

Clients will notice if you’re uncomfortable. Pulling at your clothes, adjusting your straps, or shifting from foot to foot are all signs you’re not dressed properly and that could put your customers on edge. As a general rule, stick to stretchy, breathable fabrics and flats or low heels. These are best suited for busy, on-the-go agents.

Have a go-to store.

Always have luck finding items at a certain store? Then sign up for their rewards card to start earning points on future purchases. You should also subscribe to their email list so you’re always aware of when a sale or promo is running. Take advantage of those, and consider buying off-season items for an even bigger discount (You’ll wear it eventually!)

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