The Ultimate Car Supply Checklist for Real Estate Agents

The Ultimate Car Supply Checklist for Real Estate Agents

If you’re like most busy real estate agents, your car is an extension of your office.

You hold business meetings there. You drive clients around in it. You use it to get to showings, closings, and everything in between. It’s where you spend most of your working hours, and it’s where you do most of your business.

11 Car Supply Items for Real Estate Agents

Want to make sure your car helps you do all of these things effectively (and profitably)? Then stock it with these must-have supplies:

  • Pens, notepads, and folders – Use these to keep track of showings, take notes during a phone call, or just jot down directions for a client.
  • Your contracts and business cards – Always have these on hand in case a potential client crops up.
  • Tide pens – Spill mustard on your shirt or coffee on your pants? Tide pens can help you remove small stains and keep up your professional appearance.
  • A flashlight – If you’re touring vacant properties without power, you might need an extra light in the basement, utility room, or other enclosed spaces.
  • Measuring tape – Clients often want to know how large a space is or whether a certain piece of furniture will fit in a room. Have an indoor and outdoor measuring tape on hand just in case.
  • Key tags/labels – These are crucial for keeping track of listing keys. Make sure you have a marker or Sharpie to write on them, too.
  • Hand sanitizer – Agents shake a lot of hands. Having hand sanitizer for before and after can keep you from getting sick (and getting others sick as well!)
  • Vendor business cards – Have a home inspector you like to refer your clients to? Or a loan officer? Stow a stack of their cards in your glove box or console.
  • Toilet paper – You never know when you or a client might need to use the restroom in an unoccupied property!
  • Paper towels – These are for spills in the car, on yourself, or in properties you’ve listed. Be sure to have a trash bag on hand to throw them in after.
  • Water bottles – Keep a case of water in the trunk in case you or a client gets thirsty. Touring properties is hard work — especially in the summer!

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