The Online Mortgage Process Balancing Act

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What if George Jetson, his boy Elroy, daughter Judy, and Jane his wife were looking for a mortgage?

(Forget about the fact that their home wasn’t really attached to any actual real estate or that they supposedly live in this futuristic utopia where mortgage difficulty shouldn’t exist. Nothing’s perfect.)

In the process of getting a mortgage they tried the latest technology, which is admittedly very cool, but they just need some old school human help with the mortgage process. The mortgage equivalent of some terra firma to take Astro for a walk. It would just seem more natural.

What if the Jetsons jumped in their space car and went looking for help? And some odd instance landed them back in time about half way between where they were living and their Stone Age counterparts, the Flintstones. What if they pulled up with that annoying car noise in front of George Bailey’s “Building and Loan?” They would have found that human care and compassion they were in search of — but would likely find themselves just as frustrated with the mortgage process without their new fangled technology.

Recently, Embrace found the perfect balance of technology and the human element in the mortgage process.

Getting a mortgage shouldn’t be hard, and our new online application allows anyone to do as little or as much as they like. But in each of those efforts, there is an experienced loan officer ready, willing, and able to provide the expertise needed to ensure anyone working with us makes the best financing decision for them and their needs. It might just be mortgage utopia.


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Mary Mack

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