The Art of the Regift

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We have all received bad gifts—or what we perceive to be bad gifts.

You may have been given something you don’t find useful, an item in a color that is far from your favorite, or something you already own.

This goes for kids’ gifts as well—the clothes and toys they get that they just don’t want or need. While that 500-piece wood bead, rawhide, and lace jewelry craft kit seems like a great gift, you know in your heart that 487 pieces are going to end up on the floor. That means the rest of the pieces are going into the Dyson and you are going to end up reaffirming to the repair guy that you understand your Dyson is not meant to suck up wood beads, no matter what you saw in the commercial.

The Answer to Receiving “Bad” Gifts: Should You Regift?

Whether you received it, or the kids did at some point, you may think about the “regift.” Between family and classmate birthday parties and next Christmas, there’s no doubt you can get rid of the unwanted present.

The regift, however, is a process.

First you have to find someone else to give the stuff to. Then, you have to remember who gave it to you or your kid so you don’t give it back.

If you get really cerebral about the regift, you need to remember who saw you or your kid get it and wonder if you are giving it to them or if they are going to see you execute the regift to someone else.

The regift is really just too much effort— even if executed properly. Saving that gift for the garage sale represents the same dangers of being exposed as the other regifting options.

This holiday season consider a donation of those new, unused gift items.

It is quick and easy and “regift” danger-free. There are women and children’s shelters and shelters for men in most communities in need of new and unused clothing, toys, and other items. The items are often used to celebrate birthdays and special occasions throughout the year that might not get commemorated if not for your kind donation.

Consider donating as a group in your office—giving to a good cause is often the best part of the holiday season.

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