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It could start with – Bedford Falls may have provided “a wonderful life” for the Baileys back in the day, but jump ahead a few decades and Uncle Billy and Mr. Potter would be the least of George Bailey’s worries. Keeping up with mortgage lending in 2017 brings its own worries. Today’s consumers have ever-evolving customer experience expectations that are expensive propositions.

Technology and Process

Mortgage consumers, real estate professionals and lenders have common goals around a smooth and efficient process for a timely closing. It is good for all. In addition, everyone involved expects a high level of communication throughout the process. Bringing all that to the market requires that lenders streamline, improve internal processes, and offer self-service technology and multi-device functionality. These efforts require resources and dedicated and experienced staff to execute. There are some lenders not keeping up.

After investing heavily in the staff,  processes, and systems to meet the regulatory challenges posed by things like TRID, many banks and non-depository lenders find themselves needing to enhance the customer experience to maintain market share what has been a more competitive mortgage market place. While there are the behemoths rocketing the online consumer experience into the future there are also a few other players delivering big gains in technology and process enhancements to the customer experience.

Embrace is one of those other players committed to the customer experience and the technology to meet today’s consumer expectations. A recent roll out of our new online application enhances the customer experience and only furthers Embrace’s ability to provide your clients with the service you and they deserve.  Don’t partner with a lender that might be “loveable” but bumbling through technology enhancements like Uncle Billy, or the lender that has mastered the tech but the “experience” is as cold as Mr. Potter.  Look to Embrace to provide that “wonderful” balance of technology and personal service to your clients.

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