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Rates and home prices still are up. Inventory and affordability are still down. Nothing is much different from the past several weeks. Same old, same old. Seems like an eternity since there has been really good news in the mortgage or real estate markets.

So, it’s time to mix it up with some feel good news. Not surprisingly, it comes from the men and women that choose to serve as firefighters, police officers, and first responders.

On May 4, 2018, five-year-old Dakota Pitts’ life was tragically changed forever when his dad, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty. After taking time to deal with the loss, it was time for young Dakota to return to school. He had asked his mom if one of his dad’s friends could bring him to school that first day back. One of them was more than willing to be there for young Dakota.

As Dakota arrived at school wearing his dad’s badge, 70 other officers from his dad’s department and other local departments had taken their own time to be there for him. They lined the sidewalk to the entrance to Dakota’s school. As he waked to the front door the officers let the five-year-old know that they would always have his back.

Recently in Florida, off duty K9 Deputy Jeremie Nix was on his way home from work when he heard car horns and saw a young mother flagging him down for help. Nix pulled up behind the young mother’s car and learned that her three-month-old son had stopped breathing. Nix immediately started CPR, but only had limited success reviving the infant. Not hearing or seeing an ambulance coming to his aid, Nix decided to take the infant to the hospital himself. Doctors at the hospital credit Nix and his decision to rush the baby to the hospital with saving the baby’s life. Had the child not arrived at the hospital when he did he would likely not have survived.

If you have another feel good story to share about the men and women who choose to serve, I would love to hear it. Maybe we can get together and do something to thank them.

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