5 Ingredients for the Perfect Staycation

There may be many reasons why you're unable to get away for a "real" vacation. Work is one, finances may be another. But just because you can't fly off to Aruba or sail to the Greek Islands doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a fun and relaxing "staycation" that leaves you refreshed and ready to [...]

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5 Ways to Save on Your Summer Vacay (And Still Save for that House!)

Just because you’re saving up to buy a house doesn’t mean you have to scrimp and penny-pinch at every turn. Even more importantly? It doesn’t mean skipping that much-needed summer vacation either. If you’re looking to buy a house but still need a little R&R this season, there are plenty of ways to travel [...]

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8 Ways to Safeguard Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Summer’s finally here, and that means days spent lounging on the beach, jet-setting to tropical locations, and hitting the road for some fun with the fam. But don’t let all the summer freedom let you forget: you’ve got a serious financial investment waiting for you back home (your house!) And if you don’t take steps [...]

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5 Great Places to Buy a Vacation Home for Summer Getaways

You don’t have to break the bank to buy a vacation home. In fact, there are dozens of places across the U.S. where you can find an affordable summer getaway property. Think about it: A place to spend your spring breaks, summers, holidays, and long weekends. What could be better? Considering investing in a vacation home? [...]

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