Builders: Here’s the Smart Home Tech Today’s Buyers Want

Many homebuilders are now offering “smart home” packages, but the truth is, not all smart technology is created equally. More importantly? Not all smart home tech is desired equally — at least not with today’s discerning homebuyers. Though a catch-all “smart home” offering might get buyers in the door, it’s not ultimately what will [...]

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The Future of Pre-Qualifying for a Mortgage — It’s Now in One Text

Doesn’t it seem like the first step in accomplishing almost anything is always the hardest? That common paralysis happens to people all the time in a variety of circumstances, especially when decisions can be life-changing. One of those big events under the “life-changing” category? Buying or refinancing a home — something Embrace has a lot [...]

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Buying a Home? There’s an App for That

Technology has made homebuying immensely easier. Not too long ago, you could only find home listings through a real estate agent. The agent would comb listings, forwarding ones they thought would fit the bill, potentially only sending the ones that meant the highest commission fee. In short, buyers had much less control over their shopping [...]

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Using Technology to Enhance Your Old School Methods

With millennials now making up the largest segment of homebuyers, technology — especially for real estate agents — is more important than ever. Millennials are tech pros, and they expect tech to be a part of virtually every transaction they embark on. And buying a home? That’s the granddaddy of all transactions. As a Realtor®, [...]

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