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9 Real Estate Influencers Agents Should Be Following

Sometimes, when you're working on your business, it helps to surround yourself with inspiration. With that in mind, we've brought you nine real estate influencers that you should be following. Follow them on their relevant social media channels to keep up with industry news and tips on how to grow a real estate empire. [...]

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Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents: A Primer

Facebook ads can be an excellent way for real estate agents to expand their reach and bring in more potential leads. With its highly detailed targeting capabilities, advertising on the social platform lets you specify exactly who sees your ads (and where they’re located). You can also share ads across both Facebook and Instagram, even [...]

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How Real Estate Agents Can Generate Quality Leads from Instagram

There are few industries as perfectly suited to Instagram as real estate. Photos of killer interior design ideas and luxury decor? Yes, please. Pictures of amazing architecture and high-tech amenities? You bet.  These are all visuals that aren’t just attractive — they’re downright universal, and they're a great way to drum up leads, convert new [...]

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Send Your Social Profile to Rehab: 5 Tactics for Cleaning It Up

Cleaning up all of your social media profiles can go a long way and help improve your overall image. The biggest reason to make sure your profiles are clean is that customers research companies (and people) on the internet first — and you don't want them finding shoddy social media profiles that are less than [...]

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5 Steps to Giving Your LinkedIn Profile a Makeover

When is the last time you looked at your LinkedIn profile? Perhaps it's been a couple of days, or even months. Since LinkedIn is the platform for business professionals, you want to ensure that your profile is up to date and looks professional. Give your LinkedIn profile a facelift with these 5 steps Step [...]

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Should Agents Outsource Social Media? 5 Questions to Ask

Social media is a marketing tool that every real estate agent should use to establish their personal brand and grow their business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat (and more) are platforms that agents can use to establish themselves as thought leaders and a top resource for clients and prospects. With the heavy workload agents take [...]

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5 Tips for Successful Social Networking

Three-quarters of Americans use some form of social media, spending 90% of their waking hours connected to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. Along the way, the debate over whether social media is acceptable in the workplace has almost vanished. In the mortgage industry, social media use is not only acceptable — it’s a requirement [...]

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You’re on LinkedIn, but Are You Using It Correctly?

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking, finding leads, and making connections — particularly for real estate agents. But it’s also not an “if you build it, they will come” situation. Though you might be on LinkedIn, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to up your sales or increase your revenues. In fact, it could [...]

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