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Beyond Success Story #17: Helping a Real Estate Agent Make a Personal Purchase

During our more than 35 years in business, we’ve learned that it’s impossible for every potential borrower to have a near-perfect credit score, steady W2 income, and zero past events (like a bankruptcy or foreclosure). As a real estate agent, you’ve undoubtedly learned the same — but that certainly doesn’t make your job any easier [...]

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7 Things About Taxes Every Freelancer Should Know

From the non-traditional schedule to the flexibility of location, freelancing certainly has its perks. When it comes time for tax season, though? It’s pretty easy to lose sight of them. Taxes for a freelancer are notoriously confusing. From the write-offs we’re eligible for to just calculating our many streams of disparate income, there are a [...]

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How Much Mortgage Can You Afford If You’re Self-Employed?

Estimating how much of a mortgage you might qualify for is a relatively easy process with online mortgage affordability calculators. You simply plug in your income and debt obligations and, poof, the calculator will spit out an estimate of how much of a loan your mortgage company might extend to you. Finance calculators aren't sure-fire, [...]

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Self-Employed Doesn’t Have to Mean Unqualified When It Comes to Getting a Mortgage

Not all people work a typical job. Not everyone works for an outside employer who cuts them a paycheck on a regular basis and provides them with a W2 at the end of the year for tax reporting purposes. Some people chase the American dream by being self-employed. Whether they own a business in [...]

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Preparing for Self-Employment: What to Do Before Striking Out on Your Own

Working for yourself takes vision, guts, and passion. Freelance work has both advantages and challenges. That's why it's so important to "look before you leap." Proper planning will make your transition from full-time employee to sole proprietor easier and less stressful. Tips for Laying the Groundwork for Your Own Small Business Start saving. The [...]

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Don’t Meet the Conventional Mortgage Requirements? You Still Can Get a Loan

If you’re planning on buying a house, you’re probably aware of the hurdles that stand in your path to getting a mortgage. Qualifying for a home loan can be an uphill task, thanks to the strict federal regulations that came into effect in the wake of the housing bust. That’s especially true if you’re [...]

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6 Tips for Growing Your Small Business — And How to Cover the Costs

Rome wasn’t built in a day — and a small business? That’s much the same. It takes time, dedication, and the right resources to grow that little idea into a popular, profitable business, but it is possible. Are you treading water and unsure of how to take your business to new heights? Just don’t [...]

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Need to Pay for College Post-Bankruptcy? Here Are Your Options

Have a child who’s graduating from high school this year? They’re likely not waiting another decade to attend college. They’re going soon — and they need you to help pay for it. Unfortunately, if you're trying to pay for college after bankruptcy, that’s easier said than done. Bankruptcies stay on your credit for at least [...]

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Creating a Killer Workspace: A Newbie Freelancer’s Key to Success

Striking out on your own as a freelancer is exciting. It’s freeing. It’s also a little scary. Sure, you’re away from the confines of the "boring" 9-to-5, the endless commutes, and the micro-managers, but you’re also in charge now. Only you can make or break your business! That’s why having a solid, dedicated workspace is [...]

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