Our 4 Favorite Printable Monthly Budgeting Worksheets

Managing your money can be difficult. You’ve got bills to pay, income to track, and countless other expenses you need to cover throughout the year, all while saving for retirement (and a rainy day).  Though there are apps and online budget tools and budgeting calculators that can help here, sometimes it’s just best to [...]

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How to Save Money This Holiday Season—Without Being a Grinch

Don’t want to spend all your cash this season, but still aspire to buy your loved ones all those gifts they’ve been eyeing? Thankfully, wanting to save money doesn’t have to mean being a Grinch in this day and age. In fact, there are loads of programs, apps, and credit cards that will even reward [...]

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16 Ways to Cut Costs and Build Up Your Savings Account

You might remember your parents teaching you about the need for a rainy day fund, but many of us haven't quite put it into practice just yet. Sure, the unemployment rate is lower than ever, and even wages are showing signs of growth, but unfortunately, consumer debt is once again on the rise. That means that saving often takes a back seat when it comes to financial planning.

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Virginia Offers Savings Plan For First Time Buyers

Real estate professionals, including realtors and brokers have noticed a continuous drop in the number of young homebuyers and other first-timers. Generally, Millennials on the house hunt find it hard to come up with sizable down payments, especially when they are still struggling with huge debt accumulated from student loans. 

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