Do federal rates changes impact mortgage rates?

Do Federal Rate Changes Impact Mortgage Rates?

By Aly Yale / December 16, 2019
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The Federal Reserve cut the federal funds rate three times in 2019 — and there’s always a chance more cuts are coming in our future. Could that impact mortgage rates or your ability to buy a house? Does it matter…

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Why Are 2019 Mortgage Rates Dropping So Low?

How Low Will Mortgage Rates Drop in 2019?

By Aly Yale / August 19, 2019
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You might have seen the headlines: mortgage rates are dropping — and have been for some time. In fact, as of mid-August, they’re actually near three-year lows. That means refinancing your mortgage or buying a home might be more affordable…

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2018 Mortgage Rates: How They Work

By Embrace Home Loans Staff / May 21, 2018
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If you’ve never bought a home before, or even if you have, the most mysterious piece of the mortgage loan process is understanding current mortgage interest rates. How are mortgage rates determined? Why do mortgage rates fluctuate? And why do…

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