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Protect Your Identity During an Open House

Open houses are popular marketing tactics for real estate agents. Not only can they help get your home noticed, but they also offer agents a chance to network with other buyers and sellers that might be on the market. Unfortunately, open houses are also an intrusion. They allow strangers into your home — typically [...]

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How Buyers Can Get the Most Out of Open Houses

While open houses are generally held throughout the year, the frequency with which they pop up increases dramatically in the spring. Real estate agents and sellers look to take advantage of people out and about enjoying the nicer weather, and this is the perfect time for you, as a potential homebuyer, to do the same. [...]

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How to Sell Your House Quick with an Open House

Open houses have long been seen as one of the best ways to market, and hopefully sell, a home. In addition to print advertisements and lawn signs, an open house that welcomes everyone in to tour a home was — and still is — one of the top marketing strategies a seller has. Now, [...]

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Open House Etiquette for Homebuyers

Attending open houses can be a great way to gauge the market, get a feel for what you’re looking for, and even scope out the local home buying competition. But open houses are a big undertaking for agents — and attending one also means respecting their hard work, the home, and the sellers who live [...]

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Elevate the Open House Experience: Inside Tips from a Top Realtor

In this digital age of Instagram, Facebook, Zillow, and other various marketing sites, Realtors mustn't forget the value of a traditional open house. Open houses sell homes. By exposing a buyer to a home and getting them inside, the chances of selling a home increase substantially. Outside of the obvious benefits, a Realtor also has [...]

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What to Expect at an Open House

Open houses can be a great way to tour potential properties in a laid-back, low-pressure way. Often held on weekends, they’re easy to attend and won’t interfere with work or family obligations. You can also typically come and go as you please — no appointments necessary — and you can bring friends, spouses, or kids [...]

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