How to Save Cash on Your Upcoming Move

Many homebuyers only consider the costs of the house they’re purchasing — the down payment, the closing costs, the monthly mortgage payment, etc. But actually moving to that new house? Well, that’s costly, too. Moving requires everything from boxes and packing materials to professional moving vans and movers. When you throw in the gas [...]

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The 8 Most Common Unexpected Costs of Homeownership (and How to Prepare!)

If you’re on the hunt for a home, you’re likely well aware of listing prices, down payments, and maybe even closing costs. But as expensive as those all are, they’re not the end of your homeownership costs. In fact, they’re really just the beginning. As a homeowner, you’re beholden to dozens of expenses — both [...]

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The Ultimate Moving Checklist: Before, During, and After the Move

Moving can be stressful. Not only is there the unavoidable packing, boxing, loading, and unloading to deal with, but there’s also the tedious setting up of utilities (and cable, internet, etc.) and the endless trips to Home Depot and Walmart for supplies. Want to keep your move on track before, during, and after you’ve [...]

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How Much Does It Cost to Move?

When it comes to determining moving costs, there are many factors to take into consideration. In addition to distance and just how much "stuff" you have to move, there is the cost of labor, packing, packing materials, and insurance — not to mention the time and effort required. Who you hire for your move [...]

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6 Packing Hacks to Make Your Move Easier

Color coding your boxes, packing room by room, and using your blankets, towels, and sheets as packing materials — these are all moving tips you’ve heard before. Want something a little more creative? Maybe some packing hacks you’d never thought of? Then we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best little-known packing and [...]

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Can’t Miss Tips for Moving Across the Country with Kids

The only thing harder than moving cross-country? That’d be doing it with kids. Kids are notoriously bad on long car trips — constantly asking “are we there yet?” and fighting with their siblings for backseat real estate. What can you do to keep the peace during your upcoming move? How can you ensure everyone’s happy [...]

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4 Tips for Downsizing Your Home

Not everyone’s looking for a spacious, square-foot laden property. In fact, many buyers want just the opposite. Whether they’re retiring and looking for something low-maintenance or they’re hopping on the tiny house bandwagon, downsizing is a common trend among all age groups and generations —from empty-nester Baby Boomers down to urban-dwelling Millennials. Still, while the [...]

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