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The Future of Pre-Qualifying for a Mortgage — It’s Now in One Text

By Mary Mack / November 16, 2018
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Doesn’t it seem like the first step in accomplishing almost anything is always the hardest? That common paralysis happens to people all the time in a variety of circumstances, especially when decisions can be life-changing. One of those big events…

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4 Must-Know Facts about Mortgage Points

By Jon Clark / November 7, 2018
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When you obtain a mortgage, your lender may charge “mortgage points.” What does this mean, and how can the concept be used to your advantage? A single mortgage point is equal to one percent of the total mortgage amount. For…

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Why Is My Mortgage Payment Changing?

By Aly Yale / October 23, 2018
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Your mortgage payment is typically consistent for a period of time. Due to a number of factors, though, that consistency can’t last forever. In fact, for most homeowners, their mortgage payment changes several times over the course of the loan…

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How to Get Pre-Approved For Your Home Loan

By Mary Mack / October 19, 2018
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Perhaps one of the most important things you can do to improve your chances of obtaining your dream home is filing for pre-approval. Getting pre-approved for your home loan communicates a level of credit and financial worthiness in shopping for…

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How Soon Can I Refinance After Buying a Home?

By Tim Coutis / October 16, 2018
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In “The Pros and Cons of Refinancing,” we took a look at the benefits of refinancing and examined the potential costs. When it comes to determining the right time for that first refinance, here are the conditions to you’ll want…

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What Is Mortgage Insurance? (And How to Avoid it!)

By Jon Clark / September 28, 2018
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Many people today feel “insurance poor.” But for as poor as we may feel, the reality is that having insurance products to protect your family and assets is a necessity. From car insurance to health insurance and everything in between…

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How Do Mortgages Work? Understanding the Basics of Mortgages

By Jon Clark / August 31, 2018
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Most people would love to own a home, but the reality is that a majority of us simply can’t pay for a home with cold hard cash. In fact, for many people, even saving up the funds for a down…

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What It Means to “Refinance” a Mortgage (Minus Confusing Industry Jargon)

By Aly Yale / August 14, 2018
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You own a home, you have a mortgage and you know that, after some time, you’re supposed to consider refinancing that mortgage. At least that’s what friends and neighbors are doing. But what exactly does it mean to refinance? And…

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How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?

By Jon Clark / July 28, 2018
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As fun as it is to go through home listings and picture ourselves living in the properties, eventually we need to face the question of affordability. While it’s temptingly easy to do mental gymnastics about how we can possibly afford…

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How to make your offer stand out

Make Your Offer on a House Stand Out from the Rest

By Tim Coutis / May 24, 2018
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Navigating the mortgage approval process can be challenging, and at first glance it can seem like a lot of work. Because of this, it’s not unusual for some buyers to procrastinate. They’re anxious to get started with those walk-throughs and…

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